Friday, March 18, 2016

Fiction Friday - Blue Lightning (Aberrant Superhero)

Fern Kali is always posting stories from her Aberrant home game, so I asked around my gaming groups for a copy, and most of them had given away or sold their books years ago. One of the old guys did still have his 1st edition book, so I borrowed it to see what I could come up with.  I can't quite tell, but I think her dice pools are shit, and am I reading this right, that even with her Invulnerability, every energy attack that hits her has a 40% chance to cause one Health level of damage?  What kind of crappy "Invulnerability" is that?


Real Name: Alysa Jian Kováč

Background & Origin:  She is Czech, and was studying journalism at university, doing modelling to pay the bills, when she joined up with some stormchasers on a lark as their eye-candy and video-blogger. She created a niche for herself on the webcasts, but really fell in love with the adrenaline rush of the storm chasing itself.

Things were looking bright until the day a freak lightning bolt destroyed the vehicle she was traveling in, killing everyone except her.  The accident unlocked her nova powers, and the survivors guilt drove her to become a "superhero."

Combat Tactics: She flies and throws lightning. She foolishly stands her ground against other energy projectors, and tends to over-panic against everyone else, especially anyone using guns.

Personality Traits: She is a total extrovert, willing to just walk up to anyone and say "hello."

Appearance:  5'9", 145 lbs., natural brunette, but frequently changes the shape and color. Her hair grows three times faster than nornal, so she is constantly changing the style.

Powers: She flies, hurls lightning, and is nearly immune to energy attacks. She is fluent in her native Czech and speaks fluent, accented English.

Notes: Model unknown. Character by I.A. Riley, March, 2016.

Document Copyright (C) 2016 by I.A. Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.  Images from

Aberrant 1e Copyright 1999 by White Wolf Publishing.

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Blue Lightning (Alysa Jian Kováč) - Aberrant

Strength °°
(Might °)
Dexterity °°°
(Athletics °°, Drive °, Martial Arts °, Stealth °)
Stamina °°°°
(Endurance °°)
Perception °°
(Awareness °)
Intelligence °°
(Academics °°°, Linguistics °)
Wits °°°
(Biz °°)
Appearance °°°°
(Style °°)
Manipulation °°°°
(Etiquette °, Subterfuge °°)
Charisma °°°
(Perform °°°)

Quantum °°
Quantum Pool 24


Attunement ° (she can attune any clothes she is wearing to benefit from her powers)
Eufiber °°° (store 3 quantum pool, but really provides 3 soak worth of body armor, and instant change fashion options)
Node ° (she recovers Quantum Pool faster than normal)
Resources °°° (very comfortable)


Flight °° (140 MPH)
Invulnerability °° (extra: all energy attacks) (+12 soak means she can shrug off most energy attacks)
Mega-Appearance ° (Awe-Inspiring)
Quantum Bolt °°° (SFX lightning bolt) (14 dice Bashing damage, 75 meter range, attack dice pool 6)

I'm totally experimenting with formatting, which is why the formatting on this looks like crap.  Every game needs it's own kind of format, right?