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Fiction Friday - Blue Lightning (Aberrant Superhero)

Fern Kali is always posting stories from her Aberrant home game, so I asked around my gaming groups for a copy, and most of them had given away or sold their books years ago. One of the old guys did still have his 1st edition book, so I borrowed it to see what I could come up with.  I can't quite tell, but I think her dice pools are shit, and am I reading this right, that even with her Invulnerability, every energy attack that hits her has a 40% chance to cause one Health level of damage?  What kind of crappy "Invulnerability" is that?


Real Name: Alysa Jian Kováč

Background & Origin:  She is Czech, and was studying journalism at university, doing modelling to pay the bills, when she joined up with some stormchasers on a lark as their eye-candy and video-blogger. She created a niche for herself on the webcasts, but really fell in love with the adrenaline rush of the storm chasing itself.

Things were looking bright until the day a freak lightning bolt destroyed the vehicle she was traveling in, killing everyone except her.  The accident unlocked her nova powers, and the survivors guilt drove her to become a "superhero."

Combat Tactics: She flies and throws lightning. She foolishly stands her ground against other energy projectors, and tends to over-panic against everyone else, especially anyone using guns.

Personality Traits: She is a total extrovert, willing to just walk up to anyone and say "hello."

Appearance:  5'9", 145 lbs., natural brunette, but frequently changes the shape and color. Her hair grows three times faster than nornal, so she is constantly changing the style.

Powers: She flies, hurls lightning, and is nearly immune to energy attacks. She is fluent in her native Czech and speaks fluent, accented English.

Notes: Model unknown. Character by I.A. Riley, March, 2016.

Document Copyright (C) 2016 by I.A. Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.  Images from

Aberrant 1e Copyright 1999 by White Wolf Publishing.

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Blue Lightning (Alysa Jian Kováč) - Aberrant

Strength °°
(Might °)
Dexterity °°°
(Athletics °°, Drive °, Martial Arts °, Stealth °)
Stamina °°°°
(Endurance °°)
Perception °°
(Awareness °)
Intelligence °°
(Academics °°°, Linguistics °)
Wits °°°
(Biz °°)
Appearance °°°°
(Style °°)
Manipulation °°°°
(Etiquette °, Subterfuge °°)
Charisma °°°
(Perform °°°)

Quantum °°
Quantum Pool 24


Attunement ° (she can attune any clothes she is wearing to benefit from her powers)
Eufiber °°° (store 3 quantum pool, but really provides 3 soak worth of body armor, and instant change fashion options)
Node ° (she recovers Quantum Pool faster than normal)
Resources °°° (very comfortable)


Flight °° (140 MPH)
Invulnerability °° (extra: all energy attacks) (+12 soak means she can shrug off most energy attacks)
Mega-Appearance ° (Awe-Inspiring)
Quantum Bolt °°° (SFX lightning bolt) (14 dice Bashing damage, 75 meter range, attack dice pool 6)

I'm totally experimenting with formatting, what do you think?

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