Tuesday, November 17, 2020

GOP lying whiners worse than ever

 It's 2020, and the GOP are even more fucked up.

The Lincoln Project are either "anti-Trump" Republicans,  which automatically makes them better human beings than "pro-Trump" Republicans, or they are Republicans that decided any party that Nazis, white supremacists and domestic terrorists are willing to embrace as "our kind of leaders" is absolutely fucked up.

So, below is a snippet from a Politico article, and here is my color commentary:

We have "not-as-far-right" Republicans harassing "Nazi-embraced-far-right" Republican's employees.

We have "Nazi-embraced-far-right" Republicans whining about being picked on, and either:

* Lying about who is "picking on them" - that is, deliberately lying that "not-as-far-right" Republicans are a "leftist mob" (by any sane definition,  the Lincoln Project people are still hard right);


* It's really proof the "Nazi-embraced-far-right" Trump Republicans are so fucking far off the cliffs of hard right, that the "merely hard right" Lincoln Project people are - by comparison - "leftist";


* (and this is really the most likely) BOTH.