Monday, March 9, 2015

Musical Monday: "Can't Hold Us" - Pentatonix (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis cover)

These guys blow me away. I love purely vocal music, and these guys are so talented it literally becomes impossible to tell they're not using instruments other than their vocal cords.

Truth is that I often enjoy Pentatonix song covers more than I like the original artists.  I think they bring a lot more life to the music.

Their vids are fun to watch, because they obviously have crazy passion and love for what they are doing. They obviously have great chemistry together as people, which is lucky and wonderful, since their backstory is on YouTube and they literally only came together the day before their first major competition.

Avi gets insane credits. Apparently he has the freakish magical ability to generate two tones at once. I can't hear it, which is probably also why I can't sing :)  But, Avi has great presence. Kevin has a wonderful voice. Scott just radiates team leader/team glue charisma. I like Kirstie and Mitchs' voices the best. Kristie has this kind of quiet sass, while Mitch is a very flamboyant sass.

These guys are young, and their lives have gone nuts. They seem like nice people and I wish them all the best personally and professionally.

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