Monday, March 9, 2015

One world, one species, one ranting locus for all

I'll never get tired of audience view charts like this. I love how this demonstrates we're all human under the skin.

I put up words, and people around the planet find common ground with those words.  While the minutiae of our daily grind differs wildly, deep down philosophically, spiritually, whatever, the daily grind has common and repetitive themes - we all need to eat, crap, feel self-worth, love our spouse or children, walk the dog, have  a roof over our heads, enjoy talking to (or yelling at) the neighbors, get some downtime to do something fun, waste time on the Interwebs, wish there was more (or less) sunshine, etc., etc.

It's a small world, it's a short life, be kind to each other, do good deeds, compliment someone, challenge ignorance, arrogance and Stupidity wherever they may roam.  May today be a day more glorious than yesterday, and may the trend of tomorrows-over-time be even more so.

Love to all!


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