Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Women don't have the luxury to NOT fear for our safety

Fear on the Interweb

It is funny,  the core perception we have of the world (collectively, as well as specifically), instilled in us simply by gender-based experiences. Unfortunately, I rarely can't keep personal safety in the back of my mind. Not necessarily because I might be in greater actualized danger than a male counterpart, but because those with predatory or aggressive behaviors are more likely to perceive me as an acceptable potential target for their behaviors, simply because I am not my male counterpart. For example, either because of genuine misogynist tendencies (positive filter match for target), or simply because I'm not male (absence of negative filter match, for which animals might also qualify as targets, which says a lot right there, also).

Bullying and Predation are gender-neutral

In the physical world, since time immemorial, women have been targets of bullies and predators, and the greatest danger was from men.

The truth is that women can also be bullies and predators, and women are still the prefered target.

The emotional disassociation from the victim, and perceived anonymity provided by the Interwebs, only emboldens bullies of both genders, and sadly often shields them from retribution.

Why counter-doxxing is bad tactics for women

I oppose doxxing the doxxer, because if we become the enemy, then what was it we were fighting for?

Also, simple practical self-interest. Anyone sick enough to dox isn't going to back down or be frightened or suddenly become reasonable when counter-attacked using his own methods. He's going to feel validated and become more aggressive or more psycho, and thus more dangerous. Also, third party onlookers - psycho and sane alike - are going to muddle the moral murk and start to think the original victim somehow "deserved" the assault (or battery, or death), because the victim "was also dirty."

(Again, my own words ripped from a conversational thread, but still has philosophical value.)


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