Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rant of rants

It's a rant -

Are you asking me to accept that assholes come in all political flavors, or that there is parity in the volume of assholeness between "conservatives" and "liberals"?

And when we say "assholeness" are we discussing physical violence, willful disregard for human life in policy, or other?

If you want to me say "sure, assholes and sociopaths and psychopaths sometimes join the Democrat party and are otherwise liberal progressive types," then yep, I just said that.

If you want me to say there is parity between asinine shit and willful disregard for human life between "conservatives" and "liberals," including the willingness to commit acts of vandalism or violence, then piss off, because there isn't parity.

"Conservatives" are the ones collecting guns and chanting "kill them all, let god sort them out." 

"Conservatives" are the ones with the racist memes, and trying to kill health insurance for Americans, and Republican governors are blocking Medicare and Medicaid assistance to the hungry and struggling people of their states - in order to crush those people more.

"Conservatives" are the ones who deny marriage rights, and family planning, and magically discover in 2015 that transgender people exist and need to pee in the toilet like everyone else, and "suddenly" need to have laws that invite violence against these people who have been there forever and no one cared until 2015.

"Conservatives" are the ones who require women to carry a fetus until her body expels it - either because it's time to deliver a live baby, or the fetus died in the womb and is rotting.

"Conservatives" are the ones who love the fetus, and place burdens upon pregnant woman to care for the fetus, whether she can afford to or not, and then "conservatives" refuse to pay for food and shelter for the child they demanded be brought into the world.






And the post from which this spawned

So piss off.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Butt Lasers

Because sometimes a non sequitur about "butt lasers" is just that funny.

(Keep going if you really need to ruin it by knowing the setup :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Draft Bernie?

"Draft Bernie"? Why do I have the feeling these are the same people who, when Bernie said "If you believe in me, vote for Clinton," all shouted "Fuck you, Bernie!" and stayed home, voted Stein, or - my favorite - wrote in Bernie's name?

I totally agree with everything Sanders stands for. This isn't about what he stands for. This is about the hubris of dragging him back into running when he already made his position clear and the "Berned" told him he betrayed them and told him to suck it and they still bitch about it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Icarus Rants - Things to See and Do

I've tweaked the blog interface a smidge.  Some of you have probably noticed that I reference my old posts frequently. Hell, if I wrote something once, why write it again?  Plus, COMMENTS - comments are awesome - you get this history of good ideas and conversations, all linked to a central point (the blog post).  See?  This isn't just ranting, it's creating a knowledge base!  (Okay, fine, that was a stretch, even for my ego.)

Anyway, if you look at my blog page, there are lots of ways to find old posts.  I cover bloody well near any topic (other than Human Stupidity), even Batman/Iron Man/Pepper Potts, Beetle Costumes, and things I really don't want to know that people are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

So, if you look to the right (or see the handy graphic below, showing you where to look on the right), you can see there is a search field - so, say, search the word "nexus" and see what comes up.  (Or, maybe not, since I was looking for the Amaranthe video, but there's that whole NSFW post that comes up before that in the search results.).

(Irony - "Fuck Social Media" - haha)

And there's "Labels" - where I tag my posts and group them together into clumps that make sense to me.  Okay - fishing for feedback here - give me some ideas (comments!) as to what kind of labels you would find useful - or if you think any of the ones I already have are crap.  I'm crowdsourcing for suggestions to improve your user experience with my blog.  Thank you!

And the "Archive" - I'm a busy beaver.  Click the drop down arrows, skim the titles, pick something that looks interesting (or gloss over anything that doesn't).

"Blogs I Monitor" - this is new.  These are Google Blogger/Blogspot blogs, until I figure out how to add others.  It's a widget, and a feature.  Anyway, I check in on these people to see what they're up to, and you might also find them enjoyable.

Thank you for going on this tour of "Icarus Rants!"  Love you and have a great day!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You have value, fuck social media

A lot of words have been spent pointing out how social media is depressing as fuck, especially since we get this idea it means anything. Social media is healthiest when used as a tool for self-expression and not the unnatural tool of self-esteem.

Social media will kill your self esteem in no time, because there is no way to ever have enough feedback (especially for women).

I've managed to adopt a philosophy of "one +1" is great, because someone cared enough to click, and more than that is just gravy.

See, people have this warped view of "Likes." Ask yourself "Why do I click +1, and when? What motivates me to move my fingers and click the button?"

If you're normal, the answer changes from time to time, depending on your mood, depending on how tired you are, depending on the device you are using, blah, blah, blah.

That makes you normal. My point is that if you can recognize all the random, irrational, erratic and silly reasons you do - and so not - click +1, then you realize how little value it has. How pointless it is to give a crap about the number.

Focus on saying what you want, because you want to.

Here's a rule of thumb I have: multiply the number of Likes by 10 or 15, and that's a useful estimate of the number of people who have seen the post. That's the number of brains you have infected with your words. That estimate has a bit more value. I admit, it also feels better. I can't deny that. The numbers feel good, and fuzzy numbers feel better, because they are safer. E.g. "Well, only five people clicked +1, but that means 50 people saw it!" Accurate? Pft, I don't know, but I'm going to get the best mileage from this addiction to social media that I can, right?

Here's an example of what I mean. By most considerations, this is a good post. The kind that people out to bother to twitch their fingers for, right? Yet only TWO people bothered to twitch. And only TWO comments, potentially not even from the same people who Liked it. People are silly that way.

See what I mean about how absurd the whole thing is?  There are so many reasons to motivate someone to click somewhere - good "sticky" design - yet the responses are practically random - 33 "views," yet only 3 likes and 2 comments.  Plus, the poll has check boxes - and only 16 total boxes got checked - and obviously, some of those are duplicates.

So, basically, let's review:  "Likes" and "+1s" don't mean shit, because people are silly and lazy.

Angry Pink Unicorn

I thinking I'm going to declare my gender as "Angry Pink Unicorn." Not because I have any issues with gender identity, or gender fluidity. On the contrary - I'm very much of the mind that my gender nature and preferences are nobody's business, but mine, and anyone I choose to share it with.

You got a problem if I want to put a tutu over my jeans and wear a pink tiara? Tell me how it hurts you, and threatens your children, and maybe - but not likely - we'll see if it's really anyone's problem but your own.

Bowling Green, Ohio

I have been to Bowling Green, Ohio, many times. Lovely place.  Never been a terrorist attack there.  Very offensive to such a nice place, and such nice people, for a lying sack of crap to drag them into some fantasy farce that's nothing more than a narcissist's naked power grab.

(image from Tropic Thunder)

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's number one lying surrogate. She doesn't even try to hide her lying. I suspect she is also a narcissist, but is definitely a sociopath.

Trevor Noah. As is the case this past 30 years, it's the comedians who bring the truth to light, because such has always been the true role of the court jester, and since everyone else is lying so badly - either nakedly or by omission - someone has to bring the truth to light.