Saturday, January 19, 2019

MeWe without Me

The first time I heard of MeWe was reference (with link) to a letter by one of the owners/founders defending James Wood and his whiny "First Amendment says you can't hold me accountable for being an asshole" whine about his "liberal" agent firing Wood for being an asshole.

That set off so many red flags, I ran out of red crayons. The whole thing reeked of pandering to shitty elements of American society too stupid to understand the Constitution, too selfish to distinguish freedom from tyranny with consequences for personal responsibility, and nakedly courting those elements.

Then I read their marketing material and product offerings. It was all too slick. Everything about it reminded me of people I know whose lips say they want to make the world a better place (and often they do), but every enchanting amd dazzling speech always ends up with "and it will make me a lot of money." Always. Read the fine print, and buried in there are the buzzwords, a bit of dog whistling to both the far right and far left, and promises, promises, promises how people running a private corporation - offering you a licensed service, on their  terms, which can be changed on a whim, promising they respect your privacy, if only you'll join their service which is going to make them rich.

Waaaaaay too slick. Waaaaay too willing to pander to anyone for a buck.

That was my first and second look at MeWe. Word up is that I'm not wrong.

Doesn't mean other people can't benefit using the service. Again, reading the material, it looks pretty solid, especially for a few bucks a year. (What I hear is the free service is full of holes, but $30/year ain't bad, IIRC.) Just means I'm not excited about it.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Americans love guns more than children

(Since G+ is getting nuked, I'm dumping comments to posts, so maybe they'll stay around a bit. I only semi-care about formatting right now, since I'm depressed G+ is getting nuked.)

The problem in the US, though, is that the "passion" for "freedom" and gun ownership has crossed the line into sheer madness.

The link is not, in fact, "false." False requires the facts to be wrong, which they aren't, and the premise is a persuasive argument that Americans love their guns more than their children, which she makes a compelling argument for, given that every time school children are mass-murdered by gun-toting lunatics, the response is "More guns! More guns!" which is exactly as stupid as shouting "Throw gasoline on that fire!"

In the vein of "madness," I'll point out that it is nearly impossible to get any kind of legislation passed limiting the number of firearms in the US, or if unhealthy people should be allowed to own them, because every time something is suggested - for example, that concerned family members can petition a judge to confiscate firearms from people diagnosed with mental illness, and the judge has to review the request, and approve it, before anything can be done about taking guns away from the mentally ill person (California) - are painted as "gummint wants to take guns from veterans" - which is total misrepresentation, fear-mongering, and adds to the insanity of gun owners calling in death threats to anyone who speaks out against loose firearm laws. (It happens.)

That's not "freedom loving" - it's madness.

"Freedom loving" would be gun owners stepping up to say "You know what? One of the reasons I own a gun is because I want to be able to shoot back. Why the fuck are there so many guns out there that I have to be afraid of them in the first place? Why the fuck are lunatics allowed to buy guns?"

Instead, the shouting is always "More guns! More guns!" As if, "more guns" somehow makes things better? That's like saying "The best way to cure illegal drug addiction is more illegal drugs!" or "The solution to being fat is to eat more!"

Instead, the question needs to be "Why the fuck are there so many guns out there, and how do we stop insane people from having guns? How to we stop children being mass-murdered by guns? How do we stop nightclub or movie theater massacres with guns?" (Note, that in many of those "mass shootings," there were people among the victims with guns, and those guns didn't mean jack shit, so let's be clear that "more guns" is not solving any problems, but it is resulting in more gun deaths.)

Why do politicians and public figures get death threats when they suggest "less guns means less gun deaths," but no one is receiving death threats for dumping more guns onto the streets?

So, my message to gun owners is: "Clean up your own damn house, people, and you won't have to deal with outsiders having to clean up after you."


q.v. CNN Op-ed
Do we love our guns more than our children?
By Tess Taylor
Updated 9:01 AM ET, Thu February 15, 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018

Comic books aren't real, of course

You know what's missing from the "reality" of comic books and movies? 

Tit punches. 

You just know Deadpool would so be there, and Joker (sadist) and Kingpin (ruthless) and fucking Ozymandias (if no one was looking). 

I mean, seriously, targets that big and asshat prigs not going to take that shot every third panel? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Healthcare costs more than taxes

Just so we're clear, as a percentage of my household income:

* Taxes (state, federal, disability, blah, blah): 7.75%

* Health Insurance Premiums (NOT including dental, life insurance, vision or short-term disability, JUST the Cigna Health Premiums for doctor, prescription and hospital): 9.72%

Taxes: 7.75%

Cigna: 9.72%

That's HOUSEHOLD. If we were single-wage-earner household, that 9.72% would be higher. (One year, it was 15% [!!] thenk-yew-not-very-much)

Fuck your "free market capitalism" bullshit. I fucking want a goddman "Medicaid for All" safety net, in case I lose my fucking job, or just can't fucking afford it.

Fuck the GOP and Trump and they're "don't let anyone know Obamacare is still available for those people who desperately need health insurance and can't find it any other way!

Fuck GOP governors who refused Medicaid expansion for the low-income of their states - that is to say, they refused billions of dollars of money that could have come into their state, and the lost billions of potential wages and tax dollars those poor people might have earned/produced if they had been able to afford medications or doctor visits.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

GOP Despotic Control Irony

"We demand the names of one thousand private citizens, so WE can dissect their private lives and WE can decide if they are good patriots or agents of despotic control," says a politician who shares the name of the most psychotic control freak ever to soil the US Senate.

Oh, the irony.

We outnumber the elitist bastards

Good meme. It is possible to focus on more than one thing at a time. Trump and Wall Street and all the rest of the elitists bastards need to be watched. 60 million people can focus a lot of attention on all the bastards at the same time.

Butthurt over "White Christmas"

I haven't heard this one yet, but in 2018 where actual Nazis are nakedly walking the streets of America, one ran for political office on a major party ticket (and saod party leadership, proven assholes who don't give a fuck about ethics shrugged and as I "Oh, gee, see we can't stop him," but neither did they try to stop him using their private corporate brand or did they denounce him), and the President calling open white supremacists "very fine people."

The song "Dreaming of a White Christmas" is unambiguously about SNOW.

But, you know somewhere, a room full of white-skinned special snowflakes is dreaming of a world filled by only other special white snowflakes.