Friday, July 14, 2017

Fiction Friday - Callisto "The Speed of Soul" Kikkert

Callisto Zvezdana Kikkert

(see also Introduction)

Background & Origin: She was born in the United States. After a stint in the military, she studied ecology in college (getting her Masters) and became a lobbyist, finding she had a passion for both.

Her place of birth was a military base. She grew up with her siblings, but ran away from home at 16, because her family life was an absolute and unpleasant mess, got into trouble, and bailed herself out by joining the Army. She mustered out after two terms and went to college.

She has the following siblings:
  • An older sister that hates her for some past transgression;
  • A younger brother that bears her a grudge for some past transgression;
  • An older half-sister that she hates because of some past transgression.;
  • An adopted older sister that suffered grave misfortune, becoming involved with a religious cult or destructive social order;
  • A younger sister that suffered grave misfortune, becoming involved with a religious cult or destructive social order.
She has experienced the following important events:
  • She made a friend, someone younger than her that she feels protective about. This person has some influence with a gang, a guild, or other larger group;
  • She made a friend, an old friend that she reconnected with. This person is an important figure both locally and beyond the immediate area;
  • Her long-term relationship ended when her partner broke up with her without reason;
  • She made a friend, a relative. This person has great personal power;
  • She made an enemy, crossing the line between love and hate with a former lover. He makes her shouty-angry. He has some influence with a gang, a guild, or other larger group. The dislike is the result of a personal relationship;
  • A rigorous stretch of military training strengthened her.
Her powers manifested while on an ecological project. She took a few days to go hiking, and “communed with nature” way more than expected.

Combat Tactics: She uses her invisibility and illusions to confuse and shut down foes.

She is a trained and dangerous hand-to-hand fighter, striking with uncanny precision. 

Personality Traits: Motivation: Utopian. Her worldview drives her to confront the enemy. This may be a personal philosophy, or something she shares with others (such as patriotism, or a religion). She may have been raised with these values, or developed them only recently. Her worldview may be based on moral or ethical convictions or be entirely fanciful, but she MUST try to live up to it, and be an example to others.

She has very strong passions, and a great deal of comfort with them. She is not ruled by her passions, because she knows how to work with them, and channel their energy into her actions. It is an emotional kung fu akin to the tai chi master who bends and rolls through the storm, rather than the tiger style master who smashes and hammers. She can still lose her shit, but rarely (and always intensely), and she doesn't hold grudges.

She doesn't think of herself as “having powers,” so much as “having a better understanding of things.” She can come off a bit parochial and arrogant.

Appearance: She is in her early 30s, 5’8”, 168 lbs. She wears her hair long and flowing. She favors the latest fashions and spends lavishly on the best clothing.

She has a lot of tattoos, but is clever about covering them with her clothing and (when necessary) her illusions.

She was born female, identifies as female, expresses as female, and likes men. (About as uncomplicated as you can get, which is nice, because I kind of had an idea for the character, and I confess, gender identity wasn’t part of it.) (Apparently, the Mighty Protectors book has random tables for this, which is both cool and weird, at the same time.)

Powers: “The Speed of Soul” - every living thing has a soul. That's rather the definition of “living,” one should think, i.e. it has a soul. “Soul” transcends commonly understood physics, to encompass all energy, including the psionic band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

She exists in harmony with that energy field, and consequently benefits from it, can blend into it, and can tug and stir it, to manipulate the perceptions of anything with a soul. It also allows her to move and process information and decisions faster relative to normal humans.

She has normal strength for a woman of her age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Notes: Model unknown. Character by I.A. Riley, June, 2017.

Document Copyright (C) 2017 by I.A. Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

Villains & Vigilantes, Living Legends and the Monkey House Games logo are trademarks owned by Monkey House Games, ©2010 Monkey House Games. All rights reserved. Made in the U.S.A.

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Callisto Zvezdana Kikkert - Villains & Vigilantes

Str 14, End 12, Int 24, Agl 31, Cha 12, 168 lbs., level 3

Basic Hits 4; Hit Mod. (1.2) (1.4) (1.5) (3.1) = 7.812; Hit Points 31; Power 81; Move 737” (168 MPH) ground; Carrying Capacity 331 lbs.; Basic HTH 1d6; Accuracy +5; Damage Mod. +6; Detect Hidden 18%; Detect Danger 22%; Heal 1.2; Inventing Points 7.2

Heightened Agility A: +13

Heightened Attack: Damage +3 with all attacks 
Heightened Intelligence A: +16
Heightened Speed: Ground Move +680” per turn, Initiative +23

Illusions: She can tamper with the perceptions of living beings, and anything defined as having a soul, creating illusions that affect all visual, auditory and olfactory perceptions. PR=2 per turn.

Invisibility: She can tamper with the perceptions of living beings, and anything defined as having a soul, becoming undetectable and gaining the benefits described by the power, because it affects all the target’s perceptions simultaneously. PR=4 per hour.

Training: Reduced PR for Illusions, included above.

Training: Reduced PR for extra actions per turn. The first one is always free, and her second one is also free, but the third, fourth and fifth are PR=2, as normal.

Combat Summary:

Initiative: 54 +1d10 (avg 59, or four actions per turn)

Unarmed: Attack HTH +5, Damage 1d6+9 or 5d4 (both avg 12.5)

Fiction Friday - My Introduction to Jeff Dee and Monkey House Games

So, the Old Man of the gaming group (hey, he's pushing 50!) says one day "Jeff Dee is coming out with the latest edition of Villains & Vigilantes! Can we do a few sidebar sessions to play through the history of the game?"  

And everyone is like "Sure!" and some of us are Googling "WTF is Villains & Vigilantes?"  And he's like "We'll do V&V, then LL, then MP!" 

Hey, I love me the SHRPG genre, and I love new games, so I'm in, despite having no idea what he's talking about.  But, you know, I learned about Jeff Dee, Jack Herman, and Monkey House Games.
(Actually, it was like "Oh, I've heard of that Jeff Dee.")

So, we do a random chargen session, and I guess I got a crapload of powers, and then some cool stat-booster powers, and then he left me alone with a copy of the book, while he helped the others.

And I made me a Villains & Vigilantes 2.1 character, named her Callisto, and am looking forward to a game with her. Someday. Maybe. I don't know.

Then he reads thru my charsheet, and says "Classically Icarus cool, but there's no way I can convert this to LL or MP."  

And  I'm like "How is this my problem?" I mean, I'm looking over the sheet and thinking "I could model this in Champions. I think, maybe..."

So, he says "Just out of curiosity, what powers did you discard?"  And I show him, and he rolls a few dice, says "Power Armor gives you extra goodies. What can you make of this?"

And so, I made my second ever V&V character.   She's pretty badass, too :-)   You can see her next week :-)  And, apparently, he was able to convert this second one to Living Legends and Mighty Protectors, so I'm looking forward to finding out just how badass.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Jeggings For Men

I want Jeggings for men. And yoga pants.

More precisely, I want to see men on the streets of Seattle wearing them. I don't care if the guy is gay, I want to see some tight butt and nice legs.

I mean, nothing but baggy pants hiding leg from waist to toe. Or baggy shorts - sure, you might catch a glimpse of rock hard calf, but still no thigh, gluts or package.

And knee-high boots. I want to see more men in boots. With tassels.

Is this really too much to ask?

(model Conan O'Brien)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Traitors Trump

The Donald said he would burn the GOP to the ground. The sweet irony that the GOP lost control of the mob they created, and a charlatan like Trump stole the mob from them.

That would the The Donald The Treasonous Traitor, by the way.

I really want this whole thing to blow up so big, that even Vice President Pence and the GOP recognize it would be suicide to pardon these traitors.

...and then I want Vice President Pence to pardon these traitors...

...because then,  the Sleeping American Majority, which is just now starting to rouse from its complacency and tolerance of the oligarch-worshiping ignorance-embracing hate-driven cancer eating at our underbelly, May finally awaken and the civil upheaval  and accompanying painful growth spurt can finally happen.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Special Snowflakes Wear T-Shirts

To the special snowflake at Target wearing the #FeminismIsCancer t-shirt: you're such a tard advertising to the the world you're an asshole afraid of women. I infer by the Hot Wheels cars you are buying that you carry a major grudge against your ex-wife, probably because she has a mind. You special snowflake, you.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Fiction Friday - Exalted Celtic Brawler

There's sword on your right. One of my fav 3e characters was a fighter/monk with a feat that made her bastard sword into a monk weapon. Delightful blend of swashbuckling and Celtic brawler mayhem.

3e monks benefited from single-classing almost more than even the spellcasters, so there was always that frustration, but it was worth it.

(model unknown)

Here it is. The Feat, I mean. It was a special one-off by the GM, because she liked that I had a not-anything-optimized concept and wanted to run with it.

Bastard Monk Weapon

Pre-reqs: Str 15+, Dex 15+, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Weapon Focus (bastard sword)
Benefits: The character can treat a bastard sword as a monk unarmed attack, substituting “bastard sword” anywhere it says “monk unarmed attack.”

The “unarmed attack” part was originally a misspeak by the GM, but there were witnesses and she decided to roll with it, especially when I announced the reason my Fighter 2 was switching to Monk 1 (at level 3), was because she found a new path, and renounced all material possessions to take a Vow of Poverty (q.v. Book of Exalted Deeds).

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Addiction - what a shitty ass design

Here is a dirty little secret about addiction: it's permanent and forever, and no one ever really stops being an addict.

The people at Alcoholics Anonymous know this. 
The people at Weight Watchers know this.
People who work in recovery know this.

Far too few people ever want to admit this dirty secret, nor accept it.

You get things like “I went through treatment and now I'm cured,” or “I quit smoking and now I'm good.”

Yeah? How many smokers do you know who have quit “only once”? Most smokers take up the habit again and again. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances ever engineered by man. Heroine is another. These substances didn't happen by accident - they were cultivated and nurtured for their addictive properties.

The human body and mind are wired to get addicted to things - sometimes those are chemical, sometimes behavioral. 

Internet addiction anyone? Be it social media, or porn, or just wasting time in games. It’s not chemical, but it's sure as Hell engineered to be addictive.

We are hardwired to feel good. Sometimes we can make strategic choices to “delay gratification,” which ironically gives us something to feel good about in the moment, which is really just the fix our bodies are after, anyway.

“All control begins with self” - we consciously learn ways to trick our bodies and brains into the “feel good right now” it demands, by finding ways to feel good about long-term goals. 

Turns out that anger and hostility trigger some of the same brain chemicals that laughter and joy do. We're hard-wired to her pissed off *and like it.* What a shitty-ass design.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day: We're All Just Human

It strikes me that I bet this time last year, the rwNJ blogosphere was as full of "this President sucks!" memes and rants as the left-wing blogosphere is today. Different face, different excuse, same sentiment.

I loathe humanity, but love people, because not-so-deep under the skin, we're all just human.

Happy Independence Day, America!

May you be wise enough to keep what the blood of others bought you.

(model unknown)
(body paint artist unknown)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Laser focus

I work hard on keeping my laser focus during debates. It paints the target for the rocket barrage.  All I ask that people make an effort to use their damn brains.

Plus, butt lasers.

See? Total focus, even without rockets.

Because, today is Silly Sunday, that's why.