Friday, July 14, 2017

Fiction Friday - My Introduction to Jeff Dee and Monkey House Games

So, the Old Man of the gaming group (hey, he's pushing 50!) says one day "Jeff Dee is coming out with the latest edition of Villains & Vigilantes! Can we do a few sidebar sessions to play through the history of the game?"  

And everyone is like "Sure!" and some of us are Googling "WTF is Villains & Vigilantes?"  And he's like "We'll do V&V, then LL, then MP!" 

Hey, I love me the SHRPG genre, and I love new games, so I'm in, despite having no idea what he's talking about.  But, you know, I learned about Jeff Dee, Jack Herman, and Monkey House Games.
(Actually, it was like "Oh, I've heard of that Jeff Dee.")

So, we do a random chargen session, and I guess I got a crapload of powers, and then some cool stat-booster powers, and then he left me alone with a copy of the book, while he helped the others.

And I made me a Villains & Vigilantes 2.1 character, named her Callisto, and am looking forward to a game with her. Someday. Maybe. I don't know.

Then he reads thru my charsheet, and says "Classically Icarus cool, but there's no way I can convert this to LL or MP."  

And  I'm like "How is this my problem?" I mean, I'm looking over the sheet and thinking "I could model this in Champions. I think, maybe..."

So, he says "Just out of curiosity, what powers did you discard?"  And I show him, and he rolls a few dice, says "Power Armor gives you extra goodies. What can you make of this?"

And so, I made my second ever V&V character.   She's pretty badass, too :-)   You can see her next week :-)  And, apparently, he was able to convert this second one to Living Legends and Mighty Protectors, so I'm looking forward to finding out just how badass.

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