Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Batting 20 000!!

You guys love me sooooo much!  

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Murdering Planned Parenthood Employees is Wrong

I believe the only appropriate response of a moral and just person to the mass murder of adults, by an adult, at a Planned Parenthood facility is this:

Because I believe murder is wrong, 
I am opposed to the mass shooting events at Planned Parenthood facilities, 
as murder is always a tragedy.

Therefore, these men who commit mass shootings at Planned Parenthood are 
vile, disgusting, murderers, and are villains, NOT heroes.

To anyone who calls these shooters and murderers “heroes”: I’m calling you a hypocrite, with your “value life” crap hollow and only when convenient to making you feel good and righteous. It’s bullshit to say you condone murder because you're all about the sanctity of life.

Now, let’s take the subject of the married woman who visits Planned Parenthood to get birth control pills, so she can enjoy sex with her husband, but they're not ready to start a family.

Let's take the case of the teenager who is being incestuously raped by her father, but won't tell the police, because they would rip her family apart, but she wants birth control pills to avoid pregnancy, because that would rip the family apart worse.

Now, some asshole comes in and murders them, in the name of God, and a bunch of other assholes lionize this man for murdering two people who were just trying to be responsible and PLAN their terms of PARENTHOOD rather than have it controlled by an outside force, like God, for example.

And I went to high school with this girl, and I met this wife in college, so stop pooh-poohing that I’m making up some “ivory tower” hypothetical. Thankfully neither were murdered by some psychopath, but what will you do when it does happen? Jump through hoops - like a hypocrite - to say “Well, they ought to have been somewhere else, too bad they got themselves murdered for their bad choice of where to shop, because I won't stop feeling good that they were murdered!”?

Robert Dear is a murderer - NOT a hero

This meme is beautiful, because it lays out the reality that there is an entire industry that has been built around cultivating and venerating these murderous psychopaths.

It's not an organized industry - it's more like a collection of terrorist cells. Each part of the machinery knows there are other parts who will give them money, fame, power, and glory for pushing their individual parts - the assholes who make carefully engineered, and carefully edited videos creating very deceptive images of Planned Parenthood*, the assholes who repeat the sound byte message again and again, the politicians who create their own sound bytes like mindless demagogues. 

It's all part and parcel of an overall agenda to nurture and cultivate "lone wolves" into violence.

Then these "lone wolves" are worshiped, which only encourages more lunatics to see glory by committing violent mass murder.

(* And if you think "four hours of unedited video" wasn't carefully orchestrated and edited then you're a moron.)

It's not a complicated question whether or not this guy is a "hero." He's not; he is a villain, and a particularly pathetic one, too. However,  instead of condemning a murderer for committing murder, people try to make him a hero and associate themselves with him by saying "We share a common belief system." This suggests they somehow consider it acceptable to "murder murderers."

When faced with their hypocracy, they could simply respond "I think murder is wrong, and I condem him for murder, even though I am also glad that his victims are not participating in a clinic where I consider that babies are murdered," but they don't, because they know they're full of shit, and the only way to sustain a mutually exclusionary value system is to only discuss it in scripted phrases and short sentences, instead of complex expressions.

My point remains that Robert Dear did not commit his murderous actions (he has stated he committed murder, so I'll skip the "alleged" phase, for purposes of discussion) in a vacuum.

The meme states it quite clearly - there are literally thousands of people who encouraged him, who pushed his buttons, and who whipped his twisted mind into a place where he considers (not just considered) murdering other human beings to be morally acceptable behavior (nevermind the Sixth Commandment).

We cannot call murder "the capital crime," with one breathe, and with the next start setting exceptions. Either we value life, and condemn murder, or we consider murder a virtue and therefore life is valueless.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Your Right to Not Get Shot

I don't think the flaw is in the Constitution. I think the flaw is in letting irresponsible idiots have guns. The assholes running the NRA are wholly owned by the gun makers, and the gun makers are using their propaganda arm - the NRA - to convince people that anyone capable of holding a gun is magically entitled to do so, and magically entitled to shoot anyone they want.

The money-hungry people running the NRA shoot down any attempt to slow the flow of cash. Thus, there are - for practical purposes - no competency requirements for owning a gun, no knowledge of the law requirements, no tracking requirements, and really very few restrictions on transfer of property. Oh, sure, you hear people bitch about how hard it is to sell a gun to a relative, because there is a form to file, but shit, there are more forms for transfer of cars or houses, and no one whines and moans to the same degree that their rights to sell cars are being impeded by inconvenient paperwork.

There are many responsible gun owners. The problem is that a gun can kill in an instant, and letting irresponsible people carry them means everyone around those people is suddenly at risk of instant death.

Thus, the meme. Where does my right to not be instantly killed by some asshole start, and where does some asshole's right to instantly kill me end?

We're not talking about mass shootings.We're talking about the old lady who sees a shoplifter at the grocery store, and decides she's a vigilante hero and shoots at them.

We're talking about the guy who can't get into a parking lot, and decides he needs to shoot people.

We're talking about the asshole who decides he has "road rage" and starts shooting.

We're talking about George Zimmerman, who hunted down and assaulted a kid and then killed him "in self-defense."

It's not the mentally ill or the terminally criminal we're worried about. It's the "Joe the Plumber" types who do not value human life, and will irresponsibly whip out their can-kill-in-an-instant devices when they get pissed off.

Think the root problem is a mindset that shooting people is acceptable behavior. A serious lack of grasp of consequences, as lack of respect for human life, and idiots with devices that can kill in an instant.

Some of these are accidents (shooting the kid downstairs), some of them are assholes with a hard-on (vigilante-style shooting at shoplifters? Seriously?). Some of them are just insane (shot the neighbor girl for not letting him/her pet the dog? He was probably a child himself, at the time, but are you fucking kidding me?).


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Free Starbucks Coffee for Veterans, I say

I think Starbucks and Subway should each start a policy of freebies for veterans. Just send a bit of documentation to corporate, and receive a coupon book good for one sandwich, or one coffee, per year of Service and per Medal or Honor received.  Re-apply annually for a new coupon book.

This is pure marketing gold. Show support for America's most courageous and loyal (yes, even those who enter Service just for job training are braver than those pussies who carry assault rifles at Wal-Mart to buy cookies), and get more butts in the store.  Once the butt is in the store, it's nothing to upsell and make a little scratch from the deal.

McDonald's could even go one better, with one free meal per day to vets. Just keep a local store logbook to make sure it's not being abused.

Have a "vets get priority" seating section, and put up signs saying "If our vets are homeless, whose fault is that?"

Let's get our priorities straight and make profits secondary to where our mouths are.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Obama the world's first multiclass Christian Muslim

Listen, either Obama did attend the Christian church pastored by Rev Wright, in which case he's a Christian "that hates white people,"


He's a Muslim who never attended Rev Wright's Christian church, because "Muslims hates Christians."

You can't have it both ways, Fox Puppets, because the two are mutually exclusive.

In either case, it means the assholes at Fox fabricated a campaign of lies and shoved those lies down your throat so often and so hard that you believe them true.

Which means the talking heads at Fox lied to you. Hard.

Tell me again why you believe anything they say?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wisconsin Proving Grounds : It's Class Warfare, Bitches

Want to know how the neo-feudalists intend to destroy America and turn it into a for-profit engine for the privileged class of neo-nobility?

All you have to do is look at Wisconsin. Sock puppet Gov Scott Walker has been the forefront running dog, executing his marching orders as destructive policy after destructive policy.

Strip women's rights?  Check

Destroy the University education system? Check

Destroy the K-12 education system? Check.

Break unions, thus stripping worker protections, Check.

"Right to Fire at Will" laws?  Check

Lower minimum wage? Check.

Throw out state and federal programs to help people escape the cycle of poverty and become productive members of society? Check.

Take public property, public institutions, and public programs, and privatize them in order to reduce accountability and funnel taxpayer dollars away from taxpayers to the rich? Check

My Principles - Where I Stand

Let's be clear:

I'm not "pro-abortion," I'm opposed to unwanted pregnancy.

I'm not "anti-gun," I'm opposed to irresponsible people casually waving around devices that can kill in an instant.

I'm not "pro-vaccine," I'm opposed to disease.

I'm not "anti-religion," I'm opposed to people pissing on God and telling themselves they done good.

I don't think like normal people. Don't jump to conclusions or make assumptions about what I think.  Hang in there with me - you'll have a lot of fun, maybe learn a few things, maybe teach me a few things, but we'll make the world a better place through meaningful dialogue ;-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fox Puppets - Projection, Anger, and Ignorance in a happy little bundle

Ah, the fine art of Projection - pretend that what you are doing is being done by someone else.  That way, you don't have to accept responsibility for it.  And, hey, if what you're doing is fucking people over, then the best part of Projection is getting your victims to turn on someone else.  That way, you can keep fucking them over, and your victims will attack your enemies for you!  You get people to fuck each other, all the while still fucking them!  It's a powerful tool.

Fucking Fox Puppets.  It's the assholes at Fox lying to you. It's the assholes at Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, and the like sources who are fucking lying to you.  And you're eating it up like morons.

You know what?  Studies by credible researchers prove they're lying.  Oh, for fuck's sake, Fox and Friends inevitably fail the "Does That Even Fucking Make Sense?" test!  Seriously, listen to any shit they say, and ask yourself "For that to be true, how much baloney had to come before, how much baloney had to come next, how many people had to perform insane gyrations to cover it up, and does that still make sense?"

For example, "President Obama is a Muslim" - seriously?  Because Fox and a few memes say so?  Yeah, that goes so well with the whole "Reverend Wright" thing, doesn't it?  Yep, really makes a whole lot of sense for a Muslim to attend a Christian church for years and be friend of a Christian pastor so much that Fox and Turds could make a drama queen pageantry out of it.  No, actually, it doesn't fucking make any sense.

But, then Fox Puppets really don't worry about what makes "sense" do they?  They are mostly focused on "what makes me feel good about being angry and pissed off about things."  They like to be pissed off, they like having excuses to be rude, vulgar disgusting, tantrum-throwing little children.  
And that is why Fox Puppets are the monkeys who dance to the tune of the power-mongering assholes at Fox.

Fox Puppets.  Self-absorbed morons, the lot of them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ovomit - new and disgusting lows in depravity bravely plowed by rwNJs

"Ovomit" - seriously???

And the rwNJ reach a new low in their ability to be disgusting, vulgar, mindless, hate-filled, stupid,  and spit on America, all in a single word.

Then again, for people so vulgar and degraded as to openly compare the President Of The United States of America to Vomit, they  probably don't really worry about logic, since anything and everything - gosh, even walking down the street on a sunny day - is enough excuse to hurl around random and irrational invectives just to vent their tired old spleens.

But, you know, obviously I'm expecting way too much from people who also develop memes like these disgusting gems:

Because, really, let's face it, they irrationally hate the President and America more than they love even their guns. Wheeee.

This last one is, in fact, an insult to the Marines, and the Marines should be pissed.  As individuals, they may not like this President, but as Marines, they Respect The Goddamn Office, because he's the goddamn President.  No Marine worth a piss would disrespect a sitting President like this, especially not in public.

Jesus fucking Christ, why won't the rwNJ slither back into the disturbed little cesspit they crawled out of?

Please, please, please, fucking please, could they all just grow past fourth-grade hair-pulling, potty-humor-filled, tantrum-throwing mindless dumb-fuckery!! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am inside your head

My secret agenda is to get people to use their damn brains.

Richard Dawkins is all kinds of controversial. Whatever. Dump any baggage you may have about the author of the quote, and focus on the quote for a minute.

I am inside your head. My words have moved your neurons around. Likewise, when I read what you have written, so you contaminate my brain.

It's all good fun.