Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Free Starbucks Coffee for Veterans, I say

I think Starbucks and Subway should each start a policy of freebies for veterans. Just send a bit of documentation to corporate, and receive a coupon book good for one sandwich, or one coffee, per year of Service and per Medal or Honor received.  Re-apply annually for a new coupon book.

This is pure marketing gold. Show support for America's most courageous and loyal (yes, even those who enter Service just for job training are braver than those pussies who carry assault rifles at Wal-Mart to buy cookies), and get more butts in the store.  Once the butt is in the store, it's nothing to upsell and make a little scratch from the deal.

McDonald's could even go one better, with one free meal per day to vets. Just keep a local store logbook to make sure it's not being abused.

Have a "vets get priority" seating section, and put up signs saying "If our vets are homeless, whose fault is that?"

Let's get our priorities straight and make profits secondary to where our mouths are.

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