Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Ironic how anti-vaxxers co-opted the foundation pro-choice advocates created

"My body, my choice" was the key phrase for decades for those seeking to protect a woman's right to safe, legal, termination of a pregnancy (including those gone sideways and become deadly to the mother).

Ironic, then, that "My body, my choice" was co-opted by anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which means, in no uncertain terms: Loss of right to bodily autonomy - e.g. not being allowed to terminate a pregnancy - is exactly the same loss of right to bodily autonomy to say no to a vaccine, or no to wearing a mask.

They're ALL protected by the 4th and 14th Amendments. So, congrats anti-vaxxers - you've just seen your rights eroded.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Rules for Fighting Back Against the Lies and Bullshit

  1. Always be polite. Always record it.  This becomes especially important if you are actually attacked and need to prove something in court.  
    The agenda of right-wing tools is to provoke the their enemies into descending to their level.
    The rwNJ assholes want you to be violent, because it validates their sense of persecution. Also - and this is as creepy as it is stupid - they think you are soft and they can hurt you without repercussions. Do not descend, as it will make them fail and make them batshit crazy, and if you can make them lose their cool by being the sane one, then you win. If they blow their shit and attack you, you can show them “peaceful does not mean pushover” and smash them (exactly as they had hoped to trick you). They are insane, already, so be calm, let them scream. Post the vids of who is the uncivil shit. Always have a friend nearby as witness, ready to openly and obviously record belligerent behavior. Give the asshole a chance to change course. You don't want to get sued for “secret taping.”  That's illegal in some areas.
  2. Money talks. Don't like the DNC? That's fine; I don't fucking care.  There are a shit ton of options, but you have to throw money at them. Go to ActBlue and pledge $5 to $10 per month to anything that strikes your fancy.  Want a Constitutional Amendment blocking “corporate personhood”? There's organizations for that.
  3. Donate monthly to NPR.  The last bastion of real independent journalism. It's sick how much time and energy they have to waste proving they are, in fact, real fact-based journalists.  Donate money, since the oligarchs/GOP have been trying to destroy them for years.
  4. Find anything in your area the GOP/rwNJ have been attacking and donate money to it.  If they are attacking it, that means you need it.
  5. Watch CNN.  They do actually still ascribe to the principles of journalism and are done putting up with bullshit and fake civility.
  6. Make sure you can vote. Get out and make sure your neighbors can vote. You'd be horrified how many people have been denied this right for stupid reasons that were easy to sort out, if they had only known ahead of time.
  7. Call bullshit out as bullshit. This is important - one way the rwNJ corporate media succeeds is by controlling the message, usually by simple deluge. Call out bullshit when you smell it, so that anyone else coming along later sees it called out and has a chance to recognize the bullshit, too.
  8. If you find yourself in a business with Fox or other propaganda media on the television, turn on your phone video recording and politely ask the manager to change it to anything not propaganda media.  If they comply politely, tell the world. If they decline politely, tell the world. If they turn into assholes, tell the world. Be polite! Always have a friend nearby as witness, ready to openly and obviously record belligerent behavior. Give the asshole a chance to change course. You don't want to get sued for “secret taping.”  That's illegal in some areas.
  9. Follow the money. If someone is selling you a line of shit, how does he benefit from it? Who sold him that line of shit? How do they benefit from selling it? Who pays them to sell that shit? Who distributes their shit? Cut the flow of money, cut the flow of shit. Tell Coca-Cola and Kroger to stop advertising on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, or asshole-blog-swill-du-jour, and that while they continue to advertise you will shop elsewhere. That you will advise your friends to shop elsewhere. Backtrack the money, and find the oligarchs - people like the Kochs, the Soroses, the Putins, or (I can't believe I'm throwing in this towel) the Rothschilds.  Find the ROOT CAUSE and dismantle THAT, and the rest sorts itself out.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Trump voters are more likely to catch COVID-19

I've been very cynical about how humans have handled the COVID-19 infection. Anyone who pays attention knows that former-President Trump poo-pooed the pandemic, and that right-wing propaganda media talking heads continue to tell people things like it's a hoax (it's not), or that masks don't prevent the spread of disease (they do), or that the vaccines are dangerous (they really aren't).

So, here it is August, 2021, and we're seeing another huge spike in infections across the United States.

After nearly two years of COVID-19 in the wild, meaning nearly two years of lies and falsehoods f rom the GOP and right-wing, I wondered if there was a correlation between infection by population and voting for Donald Trump.

Guess what? There kinda is.

18 of the 25 US states with the highest rate of infection, per 100,000 residents, voted for Trump.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Electiongeddon2020 Refuting Trump's Big Lie

Ah, yes, the "40+ judges all refuse to accept real evidence" claim. Some of those judges appointed by Trump. In at least ten states, including the District of Columbia.

And then it was finally killed by the Supreme Court, of which six (6) justices are Conservative appointees, including three (3) of them by TRUMP HIMSELF.

Because, sure, it's all a grand conspiracy against The Donald, and it's so evil how everyone eventually turns on him, no matter how inconsistent or insane he behaves.

Yeah, no. I've avoided going here, but it's been dragged here, so the belief that one man is special above all others, and everyone who stands against him is clearly part of some evil plot is the very definition of a cult. Congrats, Donald Trump is a cult leader (seriously, he fits so many of the key characteristics, including loyal worshippers who explain away his every flip-flop).

Donald Trump And His Lawyers Are Making Sweeping Allegations of Voter Fraud In Public. In Court, They Say No Such Thing

Trump Cries Voter Fraud. In Court, His Lawyers Don’t.
Pressed by judges, some attorneys representing Trump back away from claims

Trump Campaign Has ‘No Credible Or Reliable Evidence’ Proving Voter Fraud, Nevada Court Rules

Trump’s legal team cried vote fraud, but courts found none

Why Trump’s lawyers can lie to you but not to a judge

Trump Lawyer to Pennsylvania Judge: Nope, I’ve Got No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Post-election lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election

Trump and his allies filed more than 40 lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results. All of them failed.

But, hey, you know, everyone is out to get The Donald, because they're all jealous of him. Or something. Yeah, I don't get it either. The "does that even make sense?" test fails time and again when I try to listen to right-wing talking points. (Seriously? Blood-drinking pedophiles? Because, sure, millions of cops, teachers, law enforcement officials, and generally decent human beings all NEVER EVER noticed. Yeah. And space aliens live at Area 51.)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Don't stand with batshit crazy people

I get being passionate about what you believe in, but some people have gone completely over the edge and checked out of reality.

No one broke into the Capital Building on January 6, 2021, by accident. They all traveled from great distances, at the behest of the most corrupt President in history, who had just spent months whining about how the American people fired him, and then he sent them off to raid the Capital Building, with intent to harm "his enemies."

They all went thru a long series of bad choices, before finding themselves unlawfully in that building. And now they're being arrested, and losing their jobs.  And I don't feel bad for them. You don't get to make a long series of bad choices - lots of opportunities to change direction - culminating in illegal and destructive acts, and get sympathy for being stupid. It's called "personal responsibility."  You fucked up, buttercup, suck it up.

If you're on the side of batshit crazy, then you're on the wrong side.

Inauguration Day 2021

I have a bad feeling about the United States Inauguration Day 2021.  Personally, I think Rep. Nancy Pelosi needs to be in California that day.  This is because Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are sworn in during the same ceremony, one right after the other, which means they are in the same place, at the same time.

Speaker of the House Pelosi is next in the chain of command, should shit happen.

Lunatics willing to storm the Capital Building are willing to plant Very Large Bombs in DC that day, possibly nuclear, if the lunatics can get ahold of them.  They're batshit crazy enough to consider everyone in DC - especially the "anti-Trump" Republicans - to be a "traitor," and President Trump (sexual predator, traitor) has already announced he won't be there, so their demagogue isn't there to be a meat shield.

I really want the day to go well, with no violence anywhere.  But, I doubt it will, and the GOP will be there afterwards to fuck America more.

Monday, November 30, 2020