Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Funny, how no one *really* tries Libertarianism

You know, that's a good point. You never hear people chanting the praises of unbridled libertarianism, or decrying the shortcomings of a failed libertarian society (oh, wait, there was that Mad Max meme).

It's as if no one ever wants to seriously give it a try...

Kim Brown originally shared:

I'm still waiting for any Libertarian to give me one example of a successful libertarian country.

Larry Lyons

Larry Niven told it best in one of his stories, Cloak of Anarchy. Any case of anarchy or libertarianism dissolves into violence and strongman rule after a very short time.

Oh, wait, apparently the CEO of Sears did try libertarian corporate structure and has nearly destroyed the company, and the oligarchs of Hondouras have tried it, and have successfully destroyed the country.

And here is how things can go when the Libertarian model is applied to services that are really the public responsibility, such as incarceration

And an example of the ever popular "well those city-owners assets to private industry, and we'll be just as loyal, no really" gone horribly wrong (because in a big corporation, the sociopaths always rise to the top)