Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Batting 20 000!!

You guys love me sooooo much!  

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Murdering Planned Parenthood Employees is Wrong

I believe the only appropriate response of a moral and just person to the mass murder of adults, by an adult, at a Planned Parenthood facility is this:

Because I believe murder is wrong, 
I am opposed to the mass shooting events at Planned Parenthood facilities, 
as murder is always a tragedy.

Therefore, these men who commit mass shootings at Planned Parenthood are 
vile, disgusting, murderers, and are villains, NOT heroes.

To anyone who calls these shooters and murderers “heroes”: I’m calling you a hypocrite, with your “value life” crap hollow and only when convenient to making you feel good and righteous. It’s bullshit to say you condone murder because you're all about the sanctity of life.

Now, let’s take the subject of the married woman who visits Planned Parenthood to get birth control pills, so she can enjoy sex with her husband, but they're not ready to start a family.

Let's take the case of the teenager who is being incestuously raped by her father, but won't tell the police, because they would rip her family apart, but she wants birth control pills to avoid pregnancy, because that would rip the family apart worse.

Now, some asshole comes in and murders them, in the name of God, and a bunch of other assholes lionize this man for murdering two people who were just trying to be responsible and PLAN their terms of PARENTHOOD rather than have it controlled by an outside force, like God, for example.

And I went to high school with this girl, and I met this wife in college, so stop pooh-poohing that I’m making up some “ivory tower” hypothetical. Thankfully neither were murdered by some psychopath, but what will you do when it does happen? Jump through hoops - like a hypocrite - to say “Well, they ought to have been somewhere else, too bad they got themselves murdered for their bad choice of where to shop, because I won't stop feeling good that they were murdered!”?

Robert Dear is a murderer - NOT a hero

This meme is beautiful, because it lays out the reality that there is an entire industry that has been built around cultivating and venerating these murderous psychopaths.

It's not an organized industry - it's more like a collection of terrorist cells. Each part of the machinery knows there are other parts who will give them money, fame, power, and glory for pushing their individual parts - the assholes who make carefully engineered, and carefully edited videos creating very deceptive images of Planned Parenthood*, the assholes who repeat the sound byte message again and again, the politicians who create their own sound bytes like mindless demagogues. 

It's all part and parcel of an overall agenda to nurture and cultivate "lone wolves" into violence.

Then these "lone wolves" are worshiped, which only encourages more lunatics to see glory by committing violent mass murder.

(* And if you think "four hours of unedited video" wasn't carefully orchestrated and edited then you're a moron.)

It's not a complicated question whether or not this guy is a "hero." He's not; he is a villain, and a particularly pathetic one, too. However,  instead of condemning a murderer for committing murder, people try to make him a hero and associate themselves with him by saying "We share a common belief system." This suggests they somehow consider it acceptable to "murder murderers."

When faced with their hypocracy, they could simply respond "I think murder is wrong, and I condem him for murder, even though I am also glad that his victims are not participating in a clinic where I consider that babies are murdered," but they don't, because they know they're full of shit, and the only way to sustain a mutually exclusionary value system is to only discuss it in scripted phrases and short sentences, instead of complex expressions.

My point remains that Robert Dear did not commit his murderous actions (he has stated he committed murder, so I'll skip the "alleged" phase, for purposes of discussion) in a vacuum.

The meme states it quite clearly - there are literally thousands of people who encouraged him, who pushed his buttons, and who whipped his twisted mind into a place where he considers (not just considered) murdering other human beings to be morally acceptable behavior (nevermind the Sixth Commandment).

We cannot call murder "the capital crime," with one breathe, and with the next start setting exceptions. Either we value life, and condemn murder, or we consider murder a virtue and therefore life is valueless.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Your Right to Not Get Shot

I don't think the flaw is in the Constitution. I think the flaw is in letting irresponsible idiots have guns. The assholes running the NRA are wholly owned by the gun makers, and the gun makers are using their propaganda arm - the NRA - to convince people that anyone capable of holding a gun is magically entitled to do so, and magically entitled to shoot anyone they want.

The money-hungry people running the NRA shoot down any attempt to slow the flow of cash. Thus, there are - for practical purposes - no competency requirements for owning a gun, no knowledge of the law requirements, no tracking requirements, and really very few restrictions on transfer of property. Oh, sure, you hear people bitch about how hard it is to sell a gun to a relative, because there is a form to file, but shit, there are more forms for transfer of cars or houses, and no one whines and moans to the same degree that their rights to sell cars are being impeded by inconvenient paperwork.

There are many responsible gun owners. The problem is that a gun can kill in an instant, and letting irresponsible people carry them means everyone around those people is suddenly at risk of instant death.

Thus, the meme. Where does my right to not be instantly killed by some asshole start, and where does some asshole's right to instantly kill me end?

We're not talking about mass shootings.We're talking about the old lady who sees a shoplifter at the grocery store, and decides she's a vigilante hero and shoots at them.

We're talking about the guy who can't get into a parking lot, and decides he needs to shoot people.

We're talking about the asshole who decides he has "road rage" and starts shooting.

We're talking about George Zimmerman, who hunted down and assaulted a kid and then killed him "in self-defense."

It's not the mentally ill or the terminally criminal we're worried about. It's the "Joe the Plumber" types who do not value human life, and will irresponsibly whip out their can-kill-in-an-instant devices when they get pissed off.

Think the root problem is a mindset that shooting people is acceptable behavior. A serious lack of grasp of consequences, as lack of respect for human life, and idiots with devices that can kill in an instant.

Some of these are accidents (shooting the kid downstairs), some of them are assholes with a hard-on (vigilante-style shooting at shoplifters? Seriously?). Some of them are just insane (shot the neighbor girl for not letting him/her pet the dog? He was probably a child himself, at the time, but are you fucking kidding me?).


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Free Starbucks Coffee for Veterans, I say

I think Starbucks and Subway should each start a policy of freebies for veterans. Just send a bit of documentation to corporate, and receive a coupon book good for one sandwich, or one coffee, per year of Service and per Medal or Honor received.  Re-apply annually for a new coupon book.

This is pure marketing gold. Show support for America's most courageous and loyal (yes, even those who enter Service just for job training are braver than those pussies who carry assault rifles at Wal-Mart to buy cookies), and get more butts in the store.  Once the butt is in the store, it's nothing to upsell and make a little scratch from the deal.

McDonald's could even go one better, with one free meal per day to vets. Just keep a local store logbook to make sure it's not being abused.

Have a "vets get priority" seating section, and put up signs saying "If our vets are homeless, whose fault is that?"

Let's get our priorities straight and make profits secondary to where our mouths are.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Obama the world's first multiclass Christian Muslim

Listen, either Obama did attend the Christian church pastored by Rev Wright, in which case he's a Christian "that hates white people,"


He's a Muslim who never attended Rev Wright's Christian church, because "Muslims hates Christians."

You can't have it both ways, Fox Puppets, because the two are mutually exclusive.

In either case, it means the assholes at Fox fabricated a campaign of lies and shoved those lies down your throat so often and so hard that you believe them true.

Which means the talking heads at Fox lied to you. Hard.

Tell me again why you believe anything they say?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wisconsin Proving Grounds : It's Class Warfare, Bitches

Want to know how the neo-feudalists intend to destroy America and turn it into a for-profit engine for the privileged class of neo-nobility?

All you have to do is look at Wisconsin. Sock puppet Gov Scott Walker has been the forefront running dog, executing his marching orders as destructive policy after destructive policy.

Strip women's rights?  Check

Destroy the University education system? Check

Destroy the K-12 education system? Check.

Break unions, thus stripping worker protections, Check.

"Right to Fire at Will" laws?  Check

Lower minimum wage? Check.

Throw out state and federal programs to help people escape the cycle of poverty and become productive members of society? Check.

Take public property, public institutions, and public programs, and privatize them in order to reduce accountability and funnel taxpayer dollars away from taxpayers to the rich? Check

My Principles - Where I Stand

Let's be clear:

I'm not "pro-abortion," I'm opposed to unwanted pregnancy.

I'm not "anti-gun," I'm opposed to irresponsible people casually waving around devices that can kill in an instant.

I'm not "pro-vaccine," I'm opposed to disease.

I'm not "anti-religion," I'm opposed to people pissing on God and telling themselves they done good.

I don't think like normal people. Don't jump to conclusions or make assumptions about what I think.  Hang in there with me - you'll have a lot of fun, maybe learn a few things, maybe teach me a few things, but we'll make the world a better place through meaningful dialogue ;-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fox Puppets - Projection, Anger, and Ignorance in a happy little bundle

Ah, the fine art of Projection - pretend that what you are doing is being done by someone else.  That way, you don't have to accept responsibility for it.  And, hey, if what you're doing is fucking people over, then the best part of Projection is getting your victims to turn on someone else.  That way, you can keep fucking them over, and your victims will attack your enemies for you!  You get people to fuck each other, all the while still fucking them!  It's a powerful tool.

Fucking Fox Puppets.  It's the assholes at Fox lying to you. It's the assholes at Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, and the like sources who are fucking lying to you.  And you're eating it up like morons.

You know what?  Studies by credible researchers prove they're lying.  Oh, for fuck's sake, Fox and Friends inevitably fail the "Does That Even Fucking Make Sense?" test!  Seriously, listen to any shit they say, and ask yourself "For that to be true, how much baloney had to come before, how much baloney had to come next, how many people had to perform insane gyrations to cover it up, and does that still make sense?"

For example, "President Obama is a Muslim" - seriously?  Because Fox and a few memes say so?  Yeah, that goes so well with the whole "Reverend Wright" thing, doesn't it?  Yep, really makes a whole lot of sense for a Muslim to attend a Christian church for years and be friend of a Christian pastor so much that Fox and Turds could make a drama queen pageantry out of it.  No, actually, it doesn't fucking make any sense.

But, then Fox Puppets really don't worry about what makes "sense" do they?  They are mostly focused on "what makes me feel good about being angry and pissed off about things."  They like to be pissed off, they like having excuses to be rude, vulgar disgusting, tantrum-throwing little children.  
And that is why Fox Puppets are the monkeys who dance to the tune of the power-mongering assholes at Fox.

Fox Puppets.  Self-absorbed morons, the lot of them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ovomit - new and disgusting lows in depravity bravely plowed by rwNJs

"Ovomit" - seriously???

And the rwNJ reach a new low in their ability to be disgusting, vulgar, mindless, hate-filled, stupid,  and spit on America, all in a single word.

Then again, for people so vulgar and degraded as to openly compare the President Of The United States of America to Vomit, they  probably don't really worry about logic, since anything and everything - gosh, even walking down the street on a sunny day - is enough excuse to hurl around random and irrational invectives just to vent their tired old spleens.

But, you know, obviously I'm expecting way too much from people who also develop memes like these disgusting gems:

Because, really, let's face it, they irrationally hate the President and America more than they love even their guns. Wheeee.

This last one is, in fact, an insult to the Marines, and the Marines should be pissed.  As individuals, they may not like this President, but as Marines, they Respect The Goddamn Office, because he's the goddamn President.  No Marine worth a piss would disrespect a sitting President like this, especially not in public.

Jesus fucking Christ, why won't the rwNJ slither back into the disturbed little cesspit they crawled out of?

Please, please, please, fucking please, could they all just grow past fourth-grade hair-pulling, potty-humor-filled, tantrum-throwing mindless dumb-fuckery!! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am inside your head

My secret agenda is to get people to use their damn brains.

Richard Dawkins is all kinds of controversial. Whatever. Dump any baggage you may have about the author of the quote, and focus on the quote for a minute.

I am inside your head. My words have moved your neurons around. Likewise, when I read what you have written, so you contaminate my brain.

It's all good fun.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Colorado Murders - November 2015 edition

let's see, so far the Colorado murders have revealed about American hypocrisy:

- it's not terrorism if it's a white guy;
- cops only kill black people;
- it's not murder if the victims were within 50 ft of some place where an abortion may have ever happened (even if said victim never had anything to do with an abortion, ever);
- it's not terrorism if he's Christian;
- the Sixth Commandment only applies when we feel like it;
- this wouldn't have happened if only those baby killers had been carrying guns, too;
- stirring up crazy people to go out and kill people isn't wrong, it's just good business

Come on, I'm sure we can make this list go on forever.

(Note, I called this the "November 2015 edition," because there have been so fucking many mass shootings in Colorado - seriously, just run a generic search.)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fictional Friday - Albus Dumbledore's secret life

Let me get this straight, 

  • A completely fictitious person, who doesn't really exist;
  • A wizard who uses magic instead of technology for everything. I mean, hey, can't be bothered to use a flashlight?
  • Wears dresses all the time;
  • Keeps a flaming bird in his office and expects it to die and rebirth itself;
  • Puts his memories in a bowl instead of keeping them in his head, like normal people;
  • Has been known to trick young boys into reliving the memories he put into that bowl;
  • Machinates in the background, with this huge plot;
  • Waves his magic wand about in public;
  • You caught the part about using magic right?

And people have their panties in a bunch because he likes to cuddle with other grown men?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the message I wrote last year, and helps explain why I'm the kind of "big picture" person that I am.

A lot has happened in the past 365.26 days, but I re-read this post, and I pretty much feel the same way. 

I am grateful I woke up this morning.

I am grateful for all the new friends I've made here on G+.

I am grateful I've found my voice (online) and had such positive feedback.

Thank you everyone!

HUGS and love and may today be the best day of your life, and may tomorrow be even better!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cool quotes: Stop pissing on my shoes

Mark Craddock said

"I think what chafes my ass is that if the people who are pissing on each other's shoes would take a few minutes and listen to each other, we'd solve more problems than we'd create."

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ever bounce a check? Your ass still hurting from it?

Ever bounce a check, or otherwise overdraft your bank account? Doesn't matter why. Unless you're rich, you've probably done it at least once.

Anyway, www.StateCheckFees.com provides a list of all 50 US states and what banks are legally allowed to charge you when you bounce a check. 

Okay, there is no good reason for these fees to be this high.  Once upon a time, say, in the 1970s, bounced checks had to be handled by human beings.  There were labor costs in running people down, or managing the flow of money through accounts, etc., blah, blah.

Today, this is all handled by computers, so the actual "cost" is slightly more than zero. That means these fees are just exploitation of those who don't have the money to protect themselves from being exploited.

Same Shit, Different Day.  

The poor and middle class are vulnerable.  We don't have a lot of options to change banks. We don't have the slush funds available to protect ourselves against accidentally forgetting a scheduled payment, or a deposit being delayed (or bounced, or not delivered at all).

It's Class Warfare, Bitches.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Musical Monday - Taylor Swift - Bad Blood


Except that it's not a movie. It's just a fun song, with a massively Shadowrun wired-up video.

Tell me this vid doesn't remind you of every Shadowrun game you've ever played?  Everyone in body armor, everyone with Super-Kick-Ass Weapons and Mad Skilz, then it all comes down to blowing shit up and trying to roll more dice faster than the enemy - mostly by keeping the GM off-balance, since the players outnumber her  ;-)

(And if you're like me, you're like "Hey, wasn't that the awesome Mariska Hargitay?? Yes, yes it was.)

I love Shadowrun. I haven't played it in ages, but it has such a rich setting, and lots and lots of cool toys to play with.  You get a group who knows how to take a breather every couple hours to clear their heads, and doesn't mind waiting a week for the adrenaline rush action sequence, and you can get a really bitchin' campaign going ;-)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ensemble Casting - the true secret of Star Wars success

I think one of the best choices Lucas ever made for Star Wars was to cast by ensemble chemistry and then stick with them 

I can picture pre-production on Empire like "Hamil screwed up his face and isn't pretty anymore," and Lucas be all like "No, Luke got punched in the face by a giant monster."

Or Jedi where it must have been "Carrie is coked up half the time, we have to replace her," and I can imagine Lucas as "No, that's Leia who watched her entire home planet blown apart after betraying everything she believed in. Anyone might need a little help getting through the day, after that."

And finally with Force - "I don't care of Mayhew decided having his picture taken is against his religion, and he is living in a yurt on top of a mountain. Someone go get him, because Chewbacca is due on set Tuesday at 6!"

(I'm guessing the guy with glasses played Darth Vader.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Partiers Hate Justice

I will be a snarky bitch and spread this one. It's subtle, and I love subtle.

The vast majority of Tea Party members are just normal people with passion for their country, their family, and their faith.

Unfortunately, those same people tend to be ruled by their passions, and don't think things through very well, and have therefore been exploited (to the point of butt hurt) by a small group of highly educated, highly paid, very rich, greedElitist Opportunist Pigs. 

Yes, exploited. The Tea Party was a sham from the start to screw people over, and increase divisiveness, rancor, and strife among the peasantry, so that we'd be too busy fighting each other to notice the robbery and pillaging of the very rights and opportunities the bastards claim to want "to defend." (More like "to defraud.")

Wake up Tea Partiers - you're nothing but patsies in a shell game of rape, pillage and burn your dumb ass by a small group of highly educated, highly paid, very rich, greedElitist Opportunist Pigs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Re-inventing the wheel with every generation

It is the role of every generation to re-invent the wheel, and fervently believe they are the first to have ever invented the wheel. The upside is that the new wheel does often take advantage of changes in society and technology in ways the old wheel makers would not have thought of, and progress rolls slowly forward.

At least, that's what we always hope...

Friday, November 13, 2015

"Game of Thrones" Spoiler Alert

1) He dies,

2) She dies,

3) He dies, too,

4) OMG, you would not believe the horrible way he dies!,

5) Yeppers, her, too,

6) Hey, look! He's still..!... shit, nevermind.

There is a LOT to love about GoT, but don't get attached to anyone, because cool people tend to end up dead at the least provocation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Being Silly While Grownup

Whenever someone calls me "Silly," I reply "I may be silly, but I'm having more fun than you."

Being silly is good and healthy. The trick to growing up isn't learning to stop being silly - it's learning when it's appropriate to be silly, and when to be serious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 7 - total perspective check in one quick video

How gun nuts sound to normal people.  In other words, "nuts."

Tangentially, it's a funny video, even if you ignore the "guns" part.  The production values are good, and someone put a lot of effort into building  a script, finding locations, finding actors, etc., etc.

Props to the filmmakers for their passion and technical skill.  Extra props for being snarky bastards and doing it well ;-)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cats vs Dogs vs Pie

One of the reasons I prefer cats to dogs, is that while cats do also steal food, they are more circumspect about it.  Cats are slow and methodical hunters. Dogs have poor impulse control, and attack quickly and defiantly, lunging in to snap hard and shake the kill.

I bake slightly more often than never.  Baking is a pain in the ass. It is a massive time sink, the whole preparation crap and cleaning crap.  It's one of those things done on special occasions, like birthdays and friends from out of town. And when it turns out well, one feels immense pride, and wants people to enjoy it.  Shit like that.

You can usually stop the cat before the entire pie is destroyed. Dogs only need about two seconds of gap in the constant supervision required to control their nose-commands-stomach behavioral disorder.

I love my man, and his dog, but I'm not sure I will forgive this one.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

That guy who used to be pro-choice until

"Yeah, I'm that guy who used to be Pro-Choice until listening to an abortion survivor speak. "

It's not my intention to call out the guy who wrote that sentence. It's my intention to run with the fact that someone said it at all.

Survivor of what? Back alley abortion? Clean, safe legal abortion?

The guilt a woman feels over making the choice to have an abortion gives her neither right nor privilege to stop other women making that choice. and it's an even lamer excuse for someone else entirely to decide he needs to dictate what others are allowed to do.

That's like saying "I chose to have a gun in my house, and someone died, therefore no one else is allowed the choice to have a gun in their home."

And in any case, the simple fact remains: It's not your body, motherfucker, so shove your righteous opinion up your ass.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vote now, before someone takes away your right to vote

Voting is a right that must be constantly paid for in blood.  Or something like that.

In the United States, the Government is Of The People, By The People, For the People.  That means You, Me, and yes, even Donald Trump.

The "gummit" is not the goddamn enemy, as long as you get off your ass and be part of it.  The corportist / fascist

If you live in Washington, then use the legally mandated machinery of government that tells you how to vote.  I guarantee you some rich elitist asshole like Tim Eyman has read all the rules and laws, and is using them to kick your ass around.  Your best defense is to read the same rules, and fight back by knowing your rights, before these assholes strip you of your rights.

If voting didn't matter, then the GOP - at the behest of their corportist masters - would not have spent so much time and energy stopping people from voting. That alone should tell you it fucking matters.

If voting didn't matter, then the corportists themselves would not burn and churn so much of their expensive talking heads trying to convince you that it doesn't matter.

Stopping you from voting is part of their power grab.  If you can't vote, you can't stop them.

It's Class Warfare, Bitches


Friday, October 30, 2015

500 Followers! Woot!

Yeah, okay, I know the number doesn't really mean anything, and it bounces up and down like a trampoline, but it's still fun ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Head Transplant in 2017? Yeah, no

So, this Italian doctor, and a Chinese doctor, say they can do a human head transplant as early as 2017.

Because, you know, they've performed the operation on over 1000 mice, none of which could they keep alive for more than a day.

He said that if everything goes to plan, according to Dr Canavero’s calculations, it will take just two years to plan the procedure. Dr Canavero is pictured

Of course, it would be in China, where they're cavalier about carving up human beings for organ transplants (very Tleilaxu home world - need to find that novel) and don't tell lies about human fetal tissue (billboard says "heartbeat at 18 days - uh-huh, a mass of a few hundred cells contracts rhythmically to do what, exactly, for a mass of a few thousand cells? Bit liar-like to call that a "heartbeat.").

Even if we're being generous with the definitions, I'm barely an amateur biologist, and I know a "head transplant" is pure science fantasy, and will be for the better part of my life.

You've got breathing, you've got blood flow, you've got muscle tissue, and nerves to control muscles, and a spinal column to control autonomic functions like heartbeat and breathing and digestion and endocrinology, etc., etc.

Plus, the term is wrong "head transplant." Normally, we use the term like "heart transplant," or "kidney transplant" to mean "putting a healthy organ into a diseased body."

In this case, it's a BODY-transplant - putting a new body under a healthy head.

2017, my tight butt. 2 1 0 7, maybe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Feel Sex Dolls - Observations by this Woman

The level of thought put into the massive text bleed on that front page is impressive. Some makes sense, some makes me laugh, some... doesn't.

Slide 1

Some of the ideas are really interesting, and I would never have thought about the actual healthy therapeutic or playful experimental uses of a "real feel" sex doll.

For example, some men (or women) who don't have a lot of opportunity to practice gentle contact with a women would practice on a substitute. Examples from this site are breast play, cunnilingus, or even just plain cuddling (humans need cuddling and physical contact, because we are pack animals, while sex is a biological instinct, but different need).

Those ideas are actually pretty cool. I could see also how a man might beneficially experiment with things like DP, different positions, etc., to become more comfortable and thus be able to enhance the experience with a live partner.

The whole "three-way without emotional attachments" is a bit weird, but I can see how that might work, too. In a certain context, that's actually healthy, also. I could see how it might let curious partners experiment while avoiding serious social complications (like finding that special Other Woman).

So, I can see how a "real feel" sex doll can have some benefits for a healthy (and kinky) mind (male or female).

Vanity Fair has a great article on the history of the Real Dolls



This is just creepy - I mean, the "anime" thing is just a kink, but some of these are under 4 ft tall, which make it essentially pedophilia

Let's recap what it says about men:
1) Men require sex;
2) Men want women to be fuck toys, instead of companions;
3) Men want child-sized fuck toys - children.

Note, this isn't all men, but we are talking $5000 instruments of ejeaculation here, and not just some Internet porn site.

No, really, the first site had a size limit of 5'4", and I thought that was weird.

But, like ALL the sites I looked at (because people fascinate me, and I had to make sure it wasn't just one set of pervs), have a size limit of 5'4". Many of them offer fuck dolls as small as 4 ft.  That's just weird, until you realize you can get a 4 ft fuck doll with a child-like face.  That's not merely creepy; it's sick.

Then imagine guys putting make-up and school girl outfits and trying to seduce their fuck dolls.

That starts to feel like Silence of the Lambs, or that film where JLo played a mind-reading therapist, because Vincent Donofrio was putting makeup on women before he murdered them.

And you can put them in bondage. One of the sites suggests this. Um, if your putting a ball gag and armbinder on a 4'6" anime-eyed fuckdoll, before you talk dirty to it, and spank it, then you need some kind of clinical help.

(1) To avoid a bad and distracting pun, I said "however," instead of "but."
(2) Similarly, I did not use the word "coming."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stupid Memes: Forcing Liberal Bakers to make Confederate Flags

There are so many things just plain dumb about this meme, I'm not sure I can count all of them.

See, now the funny thing is, liberals don't generally make a big fuss about things like that, even if there was an equivalency, which there kinda totally isn't :)

As Nate McD says:

Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality.

An enemy of that would be opposed to the liberty and equality.

Blah, blah

And, yes - my "opinion" is that the premise of forcing people to put a symbol of rebellion against lawfully elected government, a symbol of white supremacy and institutionalized enslavement of human beings on a cake, is not equivalent to denying service to someone on the basis of skin color, sexual preference, being the "wrong kind of" Christian, or whether they love guns.

Funny thing, that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Batting 15 000 - I am the Borg!

You guys love me sooooo much!  

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7000 17 283 58.8 18 228 30.7
8000 34 317 29.4 18 246 32.5
9000 14 331 71.4 10 256 35.2
10 000 18 349 55.5 10 266 37.6
15 000 58 407 86.2 31 297 50.4

I am the Borg. You will sooooo be assimilated.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You are not your opinion - the destruction of communication

And you may, or may not, also be as stupid as your opinion. But, philosophically, I respect your right to have a stupid opinion, and I will show you as much respect and courtesy as you deserve, depending on if you behave like an asshole, or not. 

See, you are not your opinion, and I - apparently unlike many people - do actually have the mental faculties to keep all these things separate.

Conversely, I expect that my right to an opinion will be respected, even if the opinion is not. I expect a level of courtesy due to me as a human being, and will judge both your intelligence and character by your ability to separate them.

It's fine to call me a bitch when I behave like a bitch, but calling me a bitch simply because you think little of the sentences I have uttered reflects badly on you, not on me.

This is both philosphical and semantic.  Many trolls will trap people into crossing the line between shooting down an opinion, and shooting at the person expressing it.

Similarly, many people - foolishly - confuse attacks on their opinions with attacks on themselves. It is a poor idiot indeed who cannot understand that opinions are like underwear, to be worn, displayed or hidden, then discarded when they no longer have value.

It is a component of class warfare to convince people that opinion and self are the same. If they are the same, I am weak if I ever change my opinion, while strong by remaining stubborn. To attack my opinion, then, is to attack me, and I must defend myself. Therefore conversation is destroyed, communication breaks down, and the muddled masses are more easily controlled.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Always Be Batman, unless...

I love the meme: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman."

Except that Batman is damaged goods.  I mean, here is the guy who obsesses on how to destroy every superhuman on the planet, especially the ones who are his "friends" who save the planet on a regular basis.  Not merely obsesses, but then builds really elaborate plans, and sets aside vast stores of equipment to pull it off. Just in case he ever has to shutdown his friends.

And he won't ever kill. He won't ever kill guys who have murdered dozens or hundreds of people. Hey, Bats, you do realize you're kind of becoming an accessory to murder right? I mean, talk about "enabling."  If you're the only guy who can ever shutdown the Joker, then your repeated failure to keep him shutdown kinda means you're enabling him to murder again and again. Look, I totally respect drawing a moral line in the sand, but sometimes the Punisher really is the better option. How screwed up are you when the Punisher or Wolverine have the moral high ground?

"Bruce Wayne" isn't the secret identity. Batman is the real persona, and "Bruce Wayne" is just another character disguise Batman slips into when he needs to move among the norms and get things done via subterfuge and the gears of human machinery.  Sometimes, the Bigger Hammer of Batman isn't subtle enough, and pretending to be a charming and silly billionaire playboy has its uses.

(Model Mia Khalifa)

Ultimately, we want to be Batman, because he is human. We identify with his lack of superpowers. Batman is awesome, because he defeats everyone by out-thinking them. Batman plans ahead, trains himself, and then "cheats" like crazy to save the day, save the world, and be a hero. We all want to be that resourceful. We all want to believe that when the chips are down, a mere mortal could think of just the right thing to do, and save those we love.  Of course, we also all want to be billionaire masters of kung fu, smarter and more charming than everyone else, but the out-thinking bit is still why the meme says "Always be Batman," and not "Always be Iron Man."

But, to return to my point - Batman is damaged goods. Batman is the real person, and Bruce Wayne is the fiction he slips into when the hood comes off. The mind of Batman is obsessed and always whirling. It is obsessed with Justice, to be sure, but it ends up being a dark and distorted justice, invariably willing to grant "second chances" when useful and convenient, but ultimately unforgiving.

In contrast, Tony Stark is a guy who puts on a suit and tries to make a difference. Stark has gone public with his identity, and evokes at least as much change in the world out of the suit as inside the suit.

So, it's actually healthier to adopt a view of "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Tony Stark. Then be Tony Stark."

But, you know, I'm a girl, so I'm going with "Be yourself. Unless you can be Pepper Potts. Then be Pepper Potts."

Via: Obvious Winner

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

99.9% certainly - so you don't know

We've all known the "so if you don't know, you don't know" guy (or woman) and wanted to punch him in the face for being such an asshole.

Unfortunately, it's part of the modern psychosis. People can't ever be wrong, and will go to such insane and irrational gyrations to somehow prove they aren't wrong, and therefore are infallible, and therefore God! or whatever they're trying to claim authority over.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cool Quotes - the Nanny State is Out to Get You

First they came for the 32 oz. sodas. And I said nothing. Then they taxed the cigarettes through the roof, and I said nothing. Now they want to take away the transfats, and when I tried to stick up for my donuts, there was no one left to speak up with me against the Nanny State Liberals. Buckle up and wear your tricycle helmet, Hillary is coming. And she's bringing her village.

JC and I agree on a lot of things, and disagree on a lot of things.  Mostly, he thinks all politicians are the same level of evil, and I think there are degrees of evil.

I think someone also pointed out that some of JC's items were laws enacted by Conservatives and not Liberals, but the point remains that these are all distractions from things that are really important, like creating jobs and repairing crumbling infrastructure.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Musical Monday - Ghostbusters (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

I think I've seen this a few times, but only just now realized it's only one guy. Holy cow the dedication and time requested to play every instrument and then cut it all together.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Depression, You Old Fraud, Fuck You

Depression, my old friend. You have come back to see me. You have come back to spend time. You snuck up on me over the summer.  I didn't recognize that was you, until this week. This week, when I decided to change everything, and my energy burst didn't last. But, then you had been exposed. Sitting on my brain, my soul, like the great ugly bear that you are.

But you see, old fiend, the energy burst was just long enough: I have a plan. I have a goal. I have an agenda. I made these before you unveiled and pounced, old vile fool.

You forced the plans. We played your game. You dragged me down, and others noticed, even if I didn't. Change is inevitable, growth optional. I choose to grow, and having made that choice, you cannot stop me.

So, I say, Depression Old Friend, fuck you. You can sap my energy, but you cannot stop my plan. You cannot undo the growth I have set in motion, because of you.

The month goes to you, but the battle is mine.

Fuck you, Old Fraud. Fuck you, with a jackhammer.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Importance of a Good Bed

I'm an easy traveler, but if the bed sucks - if I cant sleep, then it can ruin my entire trip. I'm human. A stiff neck, or poor sleep, really makes life a lot harder. And vacations are supposed to be fun, but they can also be a lot of hard work. A decent bed (preferably a nice bed) just makes such a huge difference.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The fallacy of Justice in America

The idea that "justice is blind," is wonderful and intentional, but also wrong.  Justice has been corrupted by greed and revenge.

The "drug war" incarcerates people who would otherwise be able to be productive members of society, thus draining society.  It incarcerates people in corporate-owned and corporate-run prisons, thus shifting money from the poor (taxpayers) to the rich (corporate owners).

"Legalized rape" threatens, disenfranchises and weakens women.  The most effective way to raise an entire society and culture out of poverty and into greater self-rule is to empower women. Thus, reversing that trend,  increases social poverty and decreases social stability. 

It's Class Warfare, Bitches


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It’s a Gun, Not a Condom 6 - Mandatory Firearm Insurance

I'm not anti-gun, I'm anti-stupid.

I support mandatory firearm training, licensing, and insurance.

Unlike a car, a gun has the singular purpose to kill things. Handguns are meant to kill humans. But, let's treat them like cars, anyway, which is smarter than we do now.

I weary of "If the gummit knows I have guns, then they know which guns to take away."

So what? You've got guns! Isn't that the entire point? You have guns to stop them taking your guns, it doesn't matter a rat's ass if they know about them, or not. The entire point is that you're already planning to use your guns to stop them from taking your guns, so nothing changes.

I think the truth is that people are really afraid the cops will stop coming when there are real crimes committed.

Cop: "We got a call of a robbery in progress. Says here they've got 150 guns in that neighborhood. Fuck that. We'll send them the paperwork and they can sort it out themselves."

I mean, isn't that the entire naive premise of "more guns make a more polite society"? That everyone is so terrified of everyone else, no one will possibly ever want to pull a gun?

Remember the whole "Nobama is sending the Army into Texas to take away everyone's guns"?

Sure you do. You couldn't fucking miss how the Fox noise asshats were telling people about it.

1) didn't happen, did it;

2) It's illegal to use the Army against US territories, like Texas. Go ahead and secede you assholes, then you're a foreign nation and we've still got the world's biggest fucking Army, and all you have is a bunch of untrained vigilante wannabes;

3) Real Patriots join the Army, instead of playing Armyman at the Wal-Mart with an assault rifle to buy cookies. This means the Army is composed of Real Patriots who will refuse orders to invade a US territory. 

See the tinfoil hat people completely fail to comprehend the Army is made of people, and people have loyalties to their country, and aren't robots who automatically do whatever they are told. Tinfoil hat people think everyone is as screwed up as they are, so assume everyone will do the same stupid things they will;

4) Remember where I said everyone was talking for months about how the buildup and planning was all about taking away people's guns? Months. You think anyone would fail to notice some "secret mobilization of the Army"? Don't be a moron. Even if it was legal (which it isn't) to use the Army like that, everyone would know months or years in advance, and the entire operation would be a failure before it even got momentum to think about getting started.

This kind of tinfoil conspiracy shit like "they'll take away my guns if I register them" is stupid and irresponsible.

Those kind of stupid and irresponsible people make rational, reasonable, concerned gun owners look like idiots, and make everyone - including gun owners sane and insane - ever more afraid of gun-owners.

And that makes the gun MANUFACTURERS very, very wealthy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jesus hates the Interweb bloodlust

So, just to harp on this again, the Interwebs Blood Beast neither forgives, nor grasps scope.

Before I launch into the rant, some context. Ever see the old "Clash of the Titans"? Awesome line in there, where Calibos shouts "I demand justice!" And his goddess mother replies "Justice, or revenge?"

Most Americans, and quite possibly most humans, confuse the two. Most people really want revenge, even when they say justice. Most people count themselves as victims of a crime they only hear about, arrogant and stupid as that is.

I've been screwed several times in my life on false charges, or mistakenly, or just inappropriately.  There is no justice when someone throws you under the bus, "because there must appear that something was done," there is no fairness when a minor infraction that only warrants a private and uncomplicated warning results in a public dressing down.  I know what it means to be shamed, screwed and treated badly for no good - no justifiable - reason at all.

Imagine the most unjust treatment you've ever had. Now magnify that by a million screaming idiots sticking their nose into your business and making your humiliation worse.

Now, you may be ready to read this rant.

I'm appalled by the number of people who make remarks like "This wouldn't be an okay remark in person, why would they think it would be okay online," in reference to a story about a woman makes a poorly-worded tweet and gets on a plane for eleven hours. By the time the plane lands, thousands, tens of thousands, or possibly millions of people are clamoring for the bloodsport of watching her face when she gets off the plane – tired, cramped, looking forward to seeing her family – and watching her face as she realizes the world hates her, that her friends, family and co-workers are being attacked and shamed, and her life is destroyed. People clamored to see the confusion and pain on the face of this woman they knew nothing about, except what they had invented in their own minds.

So, let's clarify:

1) The remarks were taken out of context, and shoved into a different context, creating the illusion that a normal person, doing a normal thing, was somehow the next incarnation of the anti-Christ, Satan, and Barney the Dinosaur rolled into one;

2) If these comments had been said in person, then someone would have said "don't be a jerk," and that would have been the end of it, so you don't get to self-righteously - and foolishly - compare apples to a shit-ton of dung dumped by a million people being selfish tits;

3) The online world doesn't forget - ever. These "one time events" lead to public humiliation, loss of employment, loss of friends, loss of family, loss of homes, and literally having to run for their lives from death threats (yes, seriously, dear God I wish I was exaggerating).

Plus, this shit will be cyclical - every few years, an entirely new generation of arrogant self-righteous warriors, and blockheaded crusader-wannabes, and chest-thumping bullies, will find the memes all over again and decide they need to have their revenge against these people who have already been pilloried and crucified several times already for making one small, inconsequential decision.

This is NOT about the people who make these dumb choices. This is about the bullies who launch some assnine crusade against some person who made a dumb choice.

Or, how about the meme with the girl who was crying while holding an iPhone and someone captioned it "She wanted the other color; this is why we can't have nice things" - I bet she was crying because she was so fucking happy someone gave her an iPhone, but no - some asshole decides to make a joke, and now the girl is crucified for a crime she didn't commit. 

Crucified, I will remind you, by a million people who have no clue who she is, why she was crying, or if she is a wonderful person - and worse, they don't actually care, because the truth is that it's all about their own pissant anger, and the target is the real victim of this ignorant mindless animal bloodsport rage.

Interweb rage and crusading isn't about the victims at all. It's about the selfish assholes who decide to be angry about something they know nothing about. They decide to be bullies and lash out. They decide to hurt other people over imagined wrongs, on trumped up charges made up from nothing.

You know, rather like Jesus was crucified for crimes he didn't commit, on charges that were trumped up out of nothing.

Funny thing, though - Jesus knew that is what he was here for, and happened to be the son of God.

How about these people who have their tweet stolen, and spend a year (or years) running from mindless rabid Interweb mobs of selfish idiots, some of whom send threats involving rape with a crowbar.

Yeah, I rather think Jesus would disapprove of the Interweb Blood Beast.