Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Colorado Murders - November 2015 edition

let's see, so far the Colorado murders have revealed about American hypocrisy:

- it's not terrorism if it's a white guy;
- cops only kill black people;
- it's not murder if the victims were within 50 ft of some place where an abortion may have ever happened (even if said victim never had anything to do with an abortion, ever);
- it's not terrorism if he's Christian;
- the Sixth Commandment only applies when we feel like it;
- this wouldn't have happened if only those baby killers had been carrying guns, too;
- stirring up crazy people to go out and kill people isn't wrong, it's just good business

Come on, I'm sure we can make this list go on forever.

(Note, I called this the "November 2015 edition," because there have been so fucking many mass shootings in Colorado - seriously, just run a generic search.)

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