Friday, November 27, 2015

Fictional Friday - Albus Dumbledore's secret life

Let me get this straight, 

  • A completely fictitious person, who doesn't really exist;
  • A wizard who uses magic instead of technology for everything. I mean, hey, can't be bothered to use a flashlight?
  • Wears dresses all the time;
  • Keeps a flaming bird in his office and expects it to die and rebirth itself;
  • Puts his memories in a bowl instead of keeping them in his head, like normal people;
  • Has been known to trick young boys into reliving the memories he put into that bowl;
  • Machinates in the background, with this huge plot;
  • Waves his magic wand about in public;
  • You caught the part about using magic right?

And people have their panties in a bunch because he likes to cuddle with other grown men?

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