Thursday, April 21, 2016

Protect YOUR privacy - stop Missouri's invasion of medical privacy

Let's call this "enlightened self-interest" - see, the GOP want some medical records of people whom they consider "bad people." 

Well, who defines "bad people"? How soon before "bad people" includes you? Will you have a choice in the matter?
Even if you think artificial termination of pregnancy is the sin of all sins, escalating the crime with invasion of privacy, public humilation, and reckless endangerment is adding sin to sin, and makes those complicit as vile and evil as those who drive forward with such invasions.

And, I'll say it again - it's an erosion of the rights to privacy that we all take for granted.  You may hate abortion, but this is a privacy matter, and how long before someone decides you're the "wrong kind of person" and your privacy needs to be invaded, possibly by the police hauling you off to jail?

Help stop Missouri's attack on privacy for women

Below are excerpts from an email I received. It doesn't fucking matter who sent the email. The point is that your rights to privacy are being chewed away, and it's only a matter of time before it's your ass being publicly hung out to dry and endangered for a private life choice you made.

Last November, the Missouri State Senate committee demanded that the last abortion provider in the state turn over six years worth of consent forms.

To comply would not only violate medical privacy, it would expose tens of thousands of women to harassment and intimidation by .. extremists.

The .. Missouri State Senate is STILL demanding the signed consent forms of every woman who's had an abortion in the state over the last six years.

And now they've called on the CEO of the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis to testify on why she shouldn't be thrown in jail for refusing this order.

[reminds me of the memes that say "it is a patriot's duty to disobey unjust laws - oh, wait, unless they're "bad people"?]

We're already seeing a huge spike in clinic violence. Now these .. Republicans want to provide the extremists with a road map to virtually every woman in the state who's exercised her constitutionally protected right ..

We're fighting to demand .. Republicans drop this outrageous attack.

And, just as a reminder - again - this kind of assault on privacy rights is class warfare - don't for a minute think the elitist oligarchs would permit themselves to be subjected to this - they're trying to recreate a two-tiered society of the neo-nobility and the peasants that lie down in the road so the oligarchs don't muddy their shoes.

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