Tuesday, April 5, 2016

No one wants your damn gun

So, basically by now you've heard about Jamie Gilt getting shot by her toddler.

And yes, toddlers killed more Americans in 2015 than terrorists did.

A quick Google search on "can the government take your guns" turns up the first 39 hits are rwNJ sites telling us to Be Very Afraid the gummit is coming for our guns.  And the 40th hit was Snopes explaining (again!) that the California law that allows concerned family members to petition a judge to get a court order to take guns away from a mentally ill person had nothing to do with Obama.

Now, see, there are two key elements there - the only people convinced anyone is coming for your guns is you.  Well, and the people who want you to be paranoid, afraid, and BUY GUNS.  Seriously, people.  You don't think the fucking Second Amendment is so goddamn entrenched that the only way anyone can take your guns would be by declaring martial law?  (Oh, right, they did declare martial law after Katrina wiped out the entire fucking state of LouisianaAnd a handful of guns got taken away.  After declaring martial law after a national disaster  - a disaster so bad - and the Bush Administration response was so weak - that foreign countries sent US aid.  OMG.)


Get it?  Can I beat that through your thick skull any harder?

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