Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pouting trantrums

I predict Trump is going to be the next President, because half the libdem fucktards are going to be at home pouting like temperamental children that their Chosen Candidate wasn't actually the chosen candidate.

God, please, please, please, can I get off this Stupid Train already?!

I mean, Goddamnit people, the GOP have been actively trying to suppress Democratic voting for years, and now you want to give them victory by staying home??

Every damn time one of you morons says "I refuse to vote for Clinton/Sanders" Karl Rove cackles manically to himself in his dungeon, and the Koch Brothers break open another bottle of campagne over some functionary's head.

No, seriously. They've spent million$ trying to get you to stay home, or to prevent you from voting, and now you want to do their work for them.

Congratulations, you're letting the terrorists win. Fuck you.

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