Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Conspiracy Fools - 9/11 and the Pentagon

If you smash an aluminum beer can against your forehead and I shout "Where is the can? There is no can! You're lying!" Who is the idiot? You or me?

The Pentagon is a reinforced building.  It is designed to withstand missile attacks .

An airplane is an aluminum hot dog. It's going to crumple if it flies straight into an immovable object, like a mountain, or a reinforced building meant to withstand missile attacks.

The airplane that hit the Pentagon went straight into it. Not sliding along the ground at an angle, but flying straight into a mountain.

The aluminum hot dog, hurtling along as if thrown by the baseball pitch of God, crumpled like a beer can on a redneck's forehead. It actually liquefied from the kinetic energy of impact. Things do that in the really-real world; it's called Physics, and it's really cool. Even dumb people can learn Physics.

Anyone still screaming "where is the plane?," is a moron and an asshole.

Come on people. Your pet conspiracy theory fails the "does that even fucking make sense??" test and I didn't even have to spend more than 8 seconds thought on it.

Popular Mechanics even did an entire special issue on the subject back in 2006.  These people don't work for the "gummit" - they're corporate, and good engineers, and have a lot to lose if they lie about things. They also care enough the truth, and they care about the hundreds of people who died on September 11, 2001, enough to want people to respect the truth. So, don't take my common sense analysis as the final word - go read their analysis and see why the Pentagon plane conspiracy theorists are disrespectful idiots.

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