Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump-Carson 2016

This is my official prediction:

"Trump-Carson 2016"

They both view it as an opportunity to raid the biggest fucking cookie jar that ever existed, and they know how to play the game.

See, "rules" are things people agree to. Rules - like laws - only matter if there are consequences for breaking them.

Neither of these assholes care who gets hurt when they break all the rules of "American elections" and they know - as both have proven again and again - that there are zero consequences for doing whatever the fuck they want on the campaign trail. No one is holding them accountable for any breach of etiquette or bald-faced lie they spew out.

They know the rules of the game, and they realize the rules are an illusion.

Trump will keep being Mr White Race-Bait, and Carson will play the pool-boy monkey when with Trump, but Carson will rarely be seen with Trump, since Carson will be playing the intelligent physician in front of the black and Latino crowds.

All the white people will "know" Carson is the well-behaved monkey, and all the black people will hold out hope that Trump will die and Carson will be the second black President.

It's the perfect extension of this nightmare.


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