Tuesday, March 29, 2016

rwNJ Fox Puppet Projection Awesomesauce

Here is yet another bit of non-logical RWNJ Fox Puppet Projection Awesomesauce.

See the Fox Puppets like to chant that Liberals want to take their stuff (not to be confused with rwNJs worshipping corporations that take their stuff).

There is no way, in any rational universe, that the President of the United States would be involved in a kid living in Qatar attempting to sue a US city.  That's just dumb-fuckery to think any intelligent human being - sitting in the Oval Office - would waste time with something that pedantic and likely to draw unwanted attention.

No fucking rational mind would ever think such a thing.

Then again, Fox Puppets aren't exactly rational, are they?  That's why they are Fox Puppets in the first place.

Oh, and they find potty humor funny, too, and think being vulgar and childish is classy.  Or something.  I don't know, I have trouble thinking down to a third-grade level anymore to understand rwNJ humor.

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