Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's a TRAP - Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

So apparently there is yet-another Texas "if we can't make artificial termination of pregnancy illegal, we'll make it impossible to get" before the Supreme Court again.  To the surprise of no one, these are called "TRAP" laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers).

And "hundreds" of women have filed "friend of the court" statements saying how much they "deeply regret" their own pregnancies they had terminated, and therefore other women should be denied the same choice.

Uh-huh. Look, I really do sympathize with those women who made what was surely a very difficult choice, and one they cannot reverse, and now they regret it. The past is immutable, and only the future is uncertain. They have my compassion.

But, they can then also Fuck Off. I don't give a shit about their hurt feelings when they try to dictate my options and my choices over my body.

Until every pregnancy is a WANTED and WELCOME joy, then "anti-abortionists" can take their misguided and selfish ethics and shove them up their butts.

As I've said before, this bullshit isn't about "protecting the unborn" - it's about control and taking away options from women. It's about trapping the poor into poverty, and about breaking the middle class and driving them into poverty.

A pregnant woman has fewer choices about education, about contributing to the economy, about her health.  I know a lovely middle-class family, with good education, with a wonderful little girl.  That pregnancy literally nearly killed the mother - she developed a rare blood disorder for which the only cure was to end the pregnancy.  She had to quit working due to complications. Thank God her husband's company provided a really good (and really expensive) health insurance policy, and she had a great doctor (apparently a co-chair of gynecology at a major hospital), who was able to nurse her along to give full-term, live-birth to a perfectly healthy child.

But, mother and fetus could have died without that Really Expensive healthcare.  This wasn't a "mom could have sacrificed her life for baby" kind of deal - three choices: 1) work to save both mom and baby, 2) save only mom, 3) both die.

This farcical false bullshit of "women who end their pregnancies are just selfish and evil" is pig-headed vile self-righteous selfish bullshit on the part of the anti-abortionist, not the pregnant woman.

It's way past time for these selfish assholes to cut the crap, accept that they're really just waging a war to force others to abide by their own whims and desires, that they don't respect the Constitution or the Founding Fathers and Mothers, to own up to being prigs, and quit playing pussyfoot with TRAP laws.

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