Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Racists are "conservative" - and it makes real conservatives smell like shit

The Nixon "Southern Strategy" worked to flip all the racists from Democrat to Republican. For 50 years, the GOP has been cultivating the racists. It's no surprise the racists self-ascribe as "conservative" and "Republican" - frankly, it's a smear on face of real conservatives that the real conservatives haven't kicked the racists to the curb years ago.

The truth is that real conservatives - fiscally responsible, value family, like picnics, that kind of thing, need to clean up their house.  They've got cockroaches overrunning the place, and they continue to tolerate the cockroaches.

Seriously, people, you can't expect anyone intelligent to respect you when your house is full of garbage, and you shout "No it isn't!" and "Don't you dare call me a cockroach, just because I'm covered in them!"

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