Friday, March 4, 2016

Cleaning the roaches out of the old social circles

It's really interesting how the Rise Of Trump is bringing out the cockroaches all across the board. I think his naked racism and sexism has really emboldened people to embrace their own petty hatreds from straight-up racism, to compassionless (and unthinking) hatred of "illegals," to sexist attitudes, to Romney's iconic "47% freeloaders," and whatever, whatever.

I expect all across social media, people are doing the same thing I'm doing now, and trimming their connection lists.

I mean, you get the "liberals" pointing out that white supremacist-like attitudes of treating all black men as "thugs," and all Muslims as "terrorists" are "racist," and you get the "conservatives" screaming about how they're being treated unfairly by the "racist, faggot-wedding, muzzy-loving, white-excluding, Christian-hating libturds."

Which is too bad, in a lot of ways, since I've found, as a general rule, that I can get along with almost anyone with half-a-brain and a willingness to find common ground. I mean, I play D&D - ever been to a convention? You get a lot of people having a blast slaying the dragon together, and chatting about The Hobbit, who would probably kill each other in a heartbeat if they tried to discuss Real World Politics or Real World Religion.

So, yeah, I expect social media circles are all in massive upheaval right now. 

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