Friday, March 31, 2017

Icarus Superhuman

If I had superhuman powers, who would I be?  Well, since I'm hard-wired to give a crap, I'd make the best go I could at being a super hero.  Of course, the world has such a love-hate relationship with heroes, that would go over just so awesomely well.  But, I'd try anyway.  So, here is who I might be, if I was a Savage Worlds Supers character.

Hortensia Mihaela Quinones

Background & Origin:  She is a native of Belgium, in the northern region, where Dutch is the native language, and French is spoken by almost everyone (Belgium has three official languages - Dutch, French and German).

She was working as a carpet fitter, when she had a mysterious radiation accident and gained superhuman powers.

She was born as a university hospital. It was the closest facility when her mother went into labor at the university library.  She was raised by close family members: grandparents, an aunt/uncle, or similar. They were royalty by blood. They are alive and well.

She has the following siblings:
  • A younger brother that  she has lost touch with;
  • An older brother that she is very close to;
  • An older brother that she is very close to.

She has experienced the following important events:
  • A serious relationship ended when her partner died, dying under mysterious circumstances;
  • She became addicted to drugs.
  • She made a friend; an old friend that she reconnected with. They have great personal power;
  • She was involved in several casual relationships, each lasting a month or more, but none became serious;
  • A holy man visited her home region, and she spent several months as a disciple, bolstering her faith;
  • She made a friend, a relative. They are an important figure both locally and beyond the immediate area;
  • She found that she has a younger brother that she never knew she had (see above);
  • She made an enemy, people in positions of power, the authorities. She'll go out of her way to start a physical altercation with them. They are an important figure both locally and beyond the immediate area. The dislike is the result of a personal relationship.

Combat Tactics:  She is a skilled melee fighter, having studied various forms of close combat even before developing super strength.

Personality Traits:  Brilliant, arrogant, independent (that's what the random generator came up with, but yeah, yeah, it totally fits, I know).

Appearance:  She favors latex, because skintight stays out of the way, and it just looks good. She has wild, unkempt hair. She carries a locket, with a lock of hair from her partner who died. She wears it fairly prominently, and sometimes drops (fake) clues that it is the source of her power (motivation maybe, power no).

Powers:  She can run at 200 MPH, do tasks ten times faster than normal, regenerate, and lift a bus, while keeping her witty charm, good hair and cute butt.

Notes:  Model unknown.  

(model unknown)

Hortensia Mihaela Quinones  - Savage Worlds

Novice Human Heavy Hitter Superhero
Agility     d6
Smarts     d6
Spirit        d8
Strength     d12+6 (lift 10 tons)
Vigor         d8

Charisma     +2
Pace         96
Parry         7
Toughness     14

Fighting     d10
Intimidation     d6
Notice     d6
Persuasion     d8
Streetwise     d6
Taunt         d6

Knowledge (language) (Dutch)     (native)
Knowledge (language) (English)     d4
Knowledge (language) (French)     d6

Arcane Background (Super Human)
Combat Reflexes
Martial Artist
Strong Willed

Heroic (Major) - always compelled to help those in need and a sucker for a sob story
Big Mouth (Minor) - she talks too freely and doesn't edit enough
Wanted (Minor) - She pissed off the authorities in a couple Asian countries. It was all a "misunderstanding,"  of course, and really it wasn't that much property damage, but that whole "slavery" thing kind of pissed her off. 

Super Powers
Extra Actions 0 Modifiers: Fast Action (still only one action per turn at no penalty, but extended actions take significantly less time) (2 pp)
Regeneration 2 Modifiers: Recovery, Regrowth (natural healing roll every hour, halve time to recover from fatigue, permanent injuries are only temporary) (7 pp)
Speed Pace 96, Modifiers: Blinding Reflexes (240 MPH, attack penalty -4, might be able to dodge explosions) (12 pp)
Super Attribute 10 Strength +9, Vigor +1 (20 pp)
Super Edge Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Martial Artist (6 pp)
Super Skill 5 (5 pp)
Toughness 8 (+8 Toughness) (8 pp)

Sourcebooks Savage Worlds (PEG, 2015), Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (PEG, 2014),   Savage Worlds Rifts The Tomorrow Legion Players Guide (PEG, 2016).

Random backstory generator - .
Random name generator - .
Random job generator - .
Random personality trait generator - .

I haven't played Savage Worlds yet, so I don't know what I think. I was kind of disappointed with how many hoops I had to jump through to get the exact character concept I was looking for, and I had to bump her up a power category (to Heavy Hitter) to get enough points for what seemed like a fairly basic concept.

I don't know. Maybe if I actually get a chance to play it, sometime, it will make more sense.


  1. Not that anyone will see this comment, but for those supersquirrel secret few who do, here's a little secret.

    About five min after I posted this, I was proof-reading it again (because I do that), and the spouse comes over and says "She actually looks a lot like you."

    I about had a fucking heart attack, then realized, you still have no idea what I look like, and (until now) had no idea I had unintentionally given you even any inkling what I looked like.

    So, there you go. :-)

  2. > Not that anyone will see this comment...

    I did! :)