Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Focus, Berned, Focus - Electiongeddon2016 is OVER

“hillbots” - how quaint.

Listen, “Berned,” #Electiongeddon2016 is over. We have Trump.

Clinton is gone and relegated to the dustbin of history. Both of them. Let it go. We have Trump and the GOP.

So, you're mad at the DNC because you feel cheated and defeated by the 40 year slow burn of the GOP? You can point to the neo-liberal failings of Clinton and Obama? You’re mad that Obama wasn't radical enough.

That's nice. Remember the part where Obama spent 8 years barely able to get anything done at all, due to GOP obstruction? Oh, you've already forgotten because #Electiongeddon2016 left you feeling Berned and angry?

Where were you during the Clinton years? Where were you during the Bush years? Where were you during the Obama years? You do know the GOP were stealing your shit long before Bernie’s Kiss magically woke you up during #Electiongeddon2016, right, Berned?

Congratulating yourself that a Trump presidency is “punishing” the DNC is just plain stupid. The DNC still exists. The DNC will continue to exist. The DNC isn't “punished,” because you voted Trump, or Stein, or - this is my favorite - wrote in Sanders (after he dropped out and told you not to), instead of Clinton.

No, Berned, the DNC are doing just fine despite your choice. It's the rest of America that's getting fucked and that's why everyone thinks you're being an asshole, Berned.

What are you doing - TODAY - about GOP voter suppression, Berned?

What are you doing - TODAY - about GOP gerrymandering, Berned?

What are you doing - TODAY - about GOP brainwashing and gaslighting of America, Berned?

What are you doing - TODAY - in your district to unseat the GOP with candidates you do like, Berned?

In other words, Berned, what are you doing other than tearing down the only bulwark - shitty as it may be - standing between everyone in America and the naked fascism of the GOP?

Or, are you just hung up on Clinton and the DNC and feeling “berned,” so you’re just as useless to humanity as the Trumplings you congratulate yourself in being better than?

Focus, Berned, Focus.

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