Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Focus, Berned - Your Russia love is insulting Sanders

Look at the name of the collection he put the meme into. I don't ever want to hear anyone give me shit about my chewing out the Berned ever again.

Russia - the Cold War wasn't that long ago. Russia invaded the Ukraine to put $billions$ in oil money into Putin's personal pocket.

Russia and Putin have been reliably fingered for tampering with #Electiongeddon2016.

Some Berned wants to make a joke about trusting Russia more than US Citizens?

How very Trump Special Snowflake of you, Berned. You're an embarrassment to everything Bernie fought for.

(It stripped the poster's name, because this isn't about him necessarily, it's about the meme and the attitude, and that's my focus, because he and I agree on so many things. He can jump in here if he wants. I'm just explaining why I did it this way.)

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