Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bite my ass, Trumpette

Dear Trump Special Snowflakes. Bite my tight ass, you selfish, whiny, flip-flopping, self-congratulatory celebrity worshippers.

Because it was never about Obama's birth certificate, And it was never about Trump's tax evasion (or what a lousy businessman he is) - it was always about Trump being a celebrity and how special he makes his clowns feel.

Yeah, funny thing that. Trump spent the last five years winding up white people, and openly used racism in his campaign, and the KKK and Nazi groups endorsed him, but gee, he ain't racist.

Been there, ranted about it.

Self-absorbed little tits can't ever grasp the concept of their own behavior setting the bar so low that they've successfully dragged everyone down.

Don't whine to me about losing your health insurance, your job, your social security or your food stamps. I voted for a candidate who was actually qualified for the job.

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