Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unbridled Greed is a mental illness

Unbridled greed is a mental illness.  Healthy human brings don't "need" everything.

The illness with most of the world's wealthy is that if anyone else has anything at all, then it means there is something the rich person does not have.

You're thinking "That's silly! There's lots to go around!"

Which is true, but you've missed the point of the mental illness. It is impossible to "have everything," but by denying others of anything, the illusion becomes "They have nothing, therefore I must already have everything!"

Except it doesn't work like that, and even if the rich person had all the material goods, there are things left over - water, air, animals, people.

Look at Trump and his cronies - look at the GOP leadership - they want to take things away from people and give them to the rich (especially the ultra-mentally-ill-ultra-rich).

Unbridled greed cannot be sated. It is impossible. But, those with the disease of greed will not let things like hurting people stop them from trying to possess everything.

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