Wednesday, February 1, 2017

History vs Republican Presidents

Funny thing, history. They say it's "written by the victors," but that isn't really true.  Records tend to remain around, and people dig them up and analyze them, and popular view and understanding of history changes, but history itself always remains the same.

I confess, I'm surprised the number of convictions under Pres Clinton is so low - I mean, fucking Ken Starr blew $45 million taxpayer dollars on a witch hunt, and turned up jack shit - that's incredible.

And I'm surprised the convictions under Pres G.W. Bush (43) were so high - I mean, the GOP keep changing the laws along their sliding scale whenever one of their number gets into trouble, you'd think it was impossible for anyone to get busted under a GOP President.

The right-wing spin media liked to portray Pres Obama as "the most corrupt President ever" - but the truth remains that he ran a clear house. He had too - the entire fucking world was watching the First Black President - if he screwed anything up, it would destroy the future for any woman or person of color who wanted to try to be President.  The really sick thing is that it didn't matter - Americans lost their fucking minds and voted for the KKK candidate.

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