Tuesday, July 14, 2015

President Obama Is and Isn't

President Obama is neither the second coming of Christ, nor the long-anticpated coming of the Anti-Christ.

He has brought amazing change to the country, both positive and negative. And all of this while being far more Centrist than the Lefties felt he lead them to believe, and yet still being accused lof being some weird kind of socialist-Maoist-Marxist dictator by the Righties.

Yeah, whatever.

I think the Trans-Pacific Partnership and lack of Net Neutrality are going to plague his legacy.

Quite frankly, for anyone thinking Gov Romney would have been a better choice, I'll remind you that Romney built most of his fortune by tearing companies apart, kicking the employees to the curb, and sharing the spoils with his other rich, elitist buddies.

Yeah, that would have been the perfect guy to ruin run the nation.

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