Monday, July 20, 2015

Musical Monday - Amaranthe - Digital World

These guys are almost unique in their combination of three vocals - pop rock, hard rock and heavy metal.  I love their sound.  They do an amazing job of blending their voices to create an unique sound that is a lot of fun to listen to.


What a brilliant idea for visuals, right?  Put your talent in front of green screen, and build an entire gorgeous visual display around it?

This Patric Ullaeus guy is a genius.  I've loved every single vid of his I've ever seen, and that includes vids for other bands.

The choice of visuals is very cyberpunk, and makes each of them seem like their in the Matrix (from Shadowrun) or in the net (for some reason I'm thinking of Snow Crash).

I could do without the "analog jumpiness" in the visuals, but whatever. After a while I started to filter it out and just have fun.  

I think the "false ending" works really well, and the "ink cloud" over Jake seems very comic book superhero.  Makes me want to build an ink cloud ninja or something.

I've played this one on loop a couple times. I just love the sound.

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