Monday, July 13, 2015

Musical Monday - Camille and Kennerly - Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark"

The 2Cellos guys have some competition.

I've always enjoyed acoustic music, and the harp has an especially beautiful sound.  It lends itself well to a lyrical, lilting quality that most other instruments can't. A big part of that is - and I'm not a musician, so bear with me - I think the sheer number of strings. It's a bit like a portable piano - get a bunch of strings vibrating at the same time, and you get overlapping harmonics.

Unlike guitar, piano or cello, the harp does not lend itself well to speed, though. I think there is an upper speed limit on the harp, and that speed is... lyrical and lilting. Which makes Iron Maiden heavy metal sound funny. In a good way. Ha.

Still, this is a fun video. I really like the sound, and mega-props to these ladies for the adaptation. They've done a bunch of other adaptations, and have a lot of vids up on YouTube.

I'm comparing them to 2Cellos, because both musical groups are comprised of very attractive performers, playing electric versions of classical stringed instruments, who happen to appear to be ascending stars on YouTube.  They have similar styles, in that the performers never speak.

The harp doesn't allow for the pacing and energy the 2Cellos guys can get bowing the Hell out of their cellos, but Camille and Kennerly - a couple of hot blond twins? Yeah, 2Cellos are gonna lose this one, despite the greater energy the guys bring to the music and their vids.

Or, wait for it - I give it maybe six months before a fan-driving team-up video.  I think the 'Tube will melt, getting that much eye candy in one vid.

Just for aural contrast, here is a version of the original Iron Maiden song.

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