Monday, July 27, 2015

Musical Monday: Nine Inch Nails vs Taylor Swift

A really well crafted mashup.  Mashups are fun, because essentially a new song is created from it.  This one blends the sounds really well.

I've long enjoyed Nine Inch Nails, but generally could care less about Taylor Swift. Mega-props to her for all her success, though. Ms Swift has created an incredible career through hard work and dedication. I mean, seriously - she baked cookies for radio people who played her songs, back when she was a teenager?  She knew what she wanted and chased the Hell out of it.  Her music doesn't mean much to me, but I admire the Hell out of her.

I think it's funny the idea of the veteran referring to the newcomer as the "perfect drug."  In a lot of ways, Taylor Swift is a drug for kids today (let's ignore the Dirty Old Men for moment).

The smashup of visuals is really funny.

You know, I really don't have anything particularly pithy to say about this one.  I just liked it, and wanted to share it.

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