Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Memory and value

This is one of those "deep thoughts" I shared with someone on G+ one day, and thought it was worth keeping and sharing again.  Out of context, it lacks something, but still might make people think a bit, so here it is.


You keep the memory of your grandparents alive, and tell their tale. For me, it all happened to someone else, and that distance is only going to get worse. Human memory is short, and history shows those who fail to learn the lessons are exploited by those who do learn them - and then use them as blueprints to repeat history again and again.

I tilt at windmills to get people thinking. I figured out ages ago my role in this life is to spark the movers and shakers, not to be one. Was hard on the ego at first, but it's potentially more powerful in the end.

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