Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Yet another one about the psychosis of the Interwebs

I read this again last night, and lost sleep over it. I don't lose sleep over anything.

The psychosis of the Interwebs is that everything is about US, as individuals, all the time. We, as human beings, like to get self-righteous. Forgiveness becomes a joke, when the Interwebs mean that every stupid decision - ever will always be new to someone, somewhere, and therefore can haunt us forever.

Justine Sacco is a person. She is a person who will forever be haunted by the independently-living meme called #JustineSacco. They are not one and the same. However, I just learned about the meme, and therefore I have the choice to be a self-righteous idiot - right now - or not.

Most people on the Interwebs don't bother to ask themselves "Will I chose to be an idiot, or not?" - they just jump off the cliff of stupid, and a conflagration of stupid that is years old becomes a new conflagration all over again, and a person who made one simple, mindless, stupid careless word choice is pilloried again and again, because stupid people want to be selfish and wallow in their own self-righteous anger because it's NEW to THEM.

I live in fear of that shit. I walked away from my cherished Faceborg account when they demanded proof of my identity. I am not prepared to risk having my personal information leaked anymore than I already do.

Read the story - a young woman dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim. She quite probably did it because she cared about how they had suffered and wanted to remind people in a humorous way. However, the self-righteous stupid fucks of the Interwebs sent her death threats over a photograph.

Yeah, I lost sleep both from empathy for these victims of the selfish, self-righteous, and because I fear I could lose my life (figuratively or literally) to the next #JustineSacco meme.

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