Friday, October 30, 2015

500 Followers! Woot!

Yeah, okay, I know the number doesn't really mean anything, and it bounces up and down like a trampoline, but it's still fun ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Head Transplant in 2017? Yeah, no

So, this Italian doctor, and a Chinese doctor, say they can do a human head transplant as early as 2017.

Because, you know, they've performed the operation on over 1000 mice, none of which could they keep alive for more than a day.

He said that if everything goes to plan, according to Dr Canavero’s calculations, it will take just two years to plan the procedure. Dr Canavero is pictured

Of course, it would be in China, where they're cavalier about carving up human beings for organ transplants (very Tleilaxu home world - need to find that novel) and don't tell lies about human fetal tissue (billboard says "heartbeat at 18 days - uh-huh, a mass of a few hundred cells contracts rhythmically to do what, exactly, for a mass of a few thousand cells? Bit liar-like to call that a "heartbeat.").

Even if we're being generous with the definitions, I'm barely an amateur biologist, and I know a "head transplant" is pure science fantasy, and will be for the better part of my life.

You've got breathing, you've got blood flow, you've got muscle tissue, and nerves to control muscles, and a spinal column to control autonomic functions like heartbeat and breathing and digestion and endocrinology, etc., etc.

Plus, the term is wrong "head transplant." Normally, we use the term like "heart transplant," or "kidney transplant" to mean "putting a healthy organ into a diseased body."

In this case, it's a BODY-transplant - putting a new body under a healthy head.

2017, my tight butt. 2 1 0 7, maybe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Feel Sex Dolls - Observations by this Woman

The level of thought put into the massive text bleed on that front page is impressive. Some makes sense, some makes me laugh, some... doesn't.

Slide 1

Some of the ideas are really interesting, and I would never have thought about the actual healthy therapeutic or playful experimental uses of a "real feel" sex doll.

For example, some men (or women) who don't have a lot of opportunity to practice gentle contact with a women would practice on a substitute. Examples from this site are breast play, cunnilingus, or even just plain cuddling (humans need cuddling and physical contact, because we are pack animals, while sex is a biological instinct, but different need).

Those ideas are actually pretty cool. I could see also how a man might beneficially experiment with things like DP, different positions, etc., to become more comfortable and thus be able to enhance the experience with a live partner.

The whole "three-way without emotional attachments" is a bit weird, but I can see how that might work, too. In a certain context, that's actually healthy, also. I could see how it might let curious partners experiment while avoiding serious social complications (like finding that special Other Woman).

So, I can see how a "real feel" sex doll can have some benefits for a healthy (and kinky) mind (male or female).

Vanity Fair has a great article on the history of the Real Dolls

This is just creepy - I mean, the "anime" thing is just a kink, but some of these are under 4 ft tall, which make it essentially pedophilia

Let's recap what it says about men:
1) Men require sex;
2) Men want women to be fuck toys, instead of companions;
3) Men want child-sized fuck toys - children.

Note, this isn't all men, but we are talking $5000 instruments of ejeaculation here, and not just some Internet porn site.

No, really, the first site had a size limit of 5'4", and I thought that was weird.

But, like ALL the sites I looked at (because people fascinate me, and I had to make sure it wasn't just one set of pervs), have a size limit of 5'4". Many of them offer fuck dolls as small as 4 ft.  That's just weird, until you realize you can get a 4 ft fuck doll with a child-like face.  That's not merely creepy; it's sick.

Then imagine guys putting make-up and school girl outfits and trying to seduce their fuck dolls.

That starts to feel like Silence of the Lambs, or that film where JLo played a mind-reading therapist, because Vincent Donofrio was putting makeup on women before he murdered them.

And you can put them in bondage. One of the sites suggests this. Um, if your putting a ball gag and armbinder on a 4'6" anime-eyed fuckdoll, before you talk dirty to it, and spank it, then you need some kind of clinical help.

(1) To avoid a bad and distracting pun, I said "however," instead of "but."
(2) Similarly, I did not use the word "coming."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stupid Memes: Forcing Liberal Bakers to make Confederate Flags

There are so many things just plain dumb about this meme, I'm not sure I can count all of them.

See, now the funny thing is, liberals don't generally make a big fuss about things like that, even if there was an equivalency, which there kinda totally isn't :)

As Nate McD says:

Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality.

An enemy of that would be opposed to the liberty and equality.

Blah, blah

And, yes - my "opinion" is that the premise of forcing people to put a symbol of rebellion against lawfully elected government, a symbol of white supremacy and institutionalized enslavement of human beings on a cake, is not equivalent to denying service to someone on the basis of skin color, sexual preference, being the "wrong kind of" Christian, or whether they love guns.

Funny thing, that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Batting 15 000 - I am the Borg!

You guys love me sooooo much!  

view count days
days (total) views per day
during the period
posts (delta) posts (total) views per post (total average)
1000 94 94 10.6 85 85 11.8
2000 72 166 13.9 52 137 14.6
3000 34 200 29.4 28 165 18.2
4000 21 221 47.6 16 181 22.1
5000 15 236 66.6 12 193 25.9
6000* 30 266 33.3 17 210 28.6
7000 17 283 58.8 18 228 30.7
8000 34 317 29.4 18 246 32.5
9000 14 331 71.4 10 256 35.2
10 000 18 349 55.5 10 266 37.6
15 000 58 407 86.2 31 297 50.4

I am the Borg. You will sooooo be assimilated.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You are not your opinion - the destruction of communication

And you may, or may not, also be as stupid as your opinion. But, philosophically, I respect your right to have a stupid opinion, and I will show you as much respect and courtesy as you deserve, depending on if you behave like an asshole, or not. 

See, you are not your opinion, and I - apparently unlike many people - do actually have the mental faculties to keep all these things separate.

Conversely, I expect that my right to an opinion will be respected, even if the opinion is not. I expect a level of courtesy due to me as a human being, and will judge both your intelligence and character by your ability to separate them.

It's fine to call me a bitch when I behave like a bitch, but calling me a bitch simply because you think little of the sentences I have uttered reflects badly on you, not on me.

This is both philosphical and semantic.  Many trolls will trap people into crossing the line between shooting down an opinion, and shooting at the person expressing it.

Similarly, many people - foolishly - confuse attacks on their opinions with attacks on themselves. It is a poor idiot indeed who cannot understand that opinions are like underwear, to be worn, displayed or hidden, then discarded when they no longer have value.

It is a component of class warfare to convince people that opinion and self are the same. If they are the same, I am weak if I ever change my opinion, while strong by remaining stubborn. To attack my opinion, then, is to attack me, and I must defend myself. Therefore conversation is destroyed, communication breaks down, and the muddled masses are more easily controlled.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Always Be Batman, unless...

I love the meme: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman."

Except that Batman is damaged goods.  I mean, here is the guy who obsesses on how to destroy every superhuman on the planet, especially the ones who are his "friends" who save the planet on a regular basis.  Not merely obsesses, but then builds really elaborate plans, and sets aside vast stores of equipment to pull it off. Just in case he ever has to shutdown his friends.

And he won't ever kill. He won't ever kill guys who have murdered dozens or hundreds of people. Hey, Bats, you do realize you're kind of becoming an accessory to murder right? I mean, talk about "enabling."  If you're the only guy who can ever shutdown the Joker, then your repeated failure to keep him shutdown kinda means you're enabling him to murder again and again. Look, I totally respect drawing a moral line in the sand, but sometimes the Punisher really is the better option. How screwed up are you when the Punisher or Wolverine have the moral high ground?

"Bruce Wayne" isn't the secret identity. Batman is the real persona, and "Bruce Wayne" is just another character disguise Batman slips into when he needs to move among the norms and get things done via subterfuge and the gears of human machinery.  Sometimes, the Bigger Hammer of Batman isn't subtle enough, and pretending to be a charming and silly billionaire playboy has its uses.

(Model Mia Khalifa)

Ultimately, we want to be Batman, because he is human. We identify with his lack of superpowers. Batman is awesome, because he defeats everyone by out-thinking them. Batman plans ahead, trains himself, and then "cheats" like crazy to save the day, save the world, and be a hero. We all want to be that resourceful. We all want to believe that when the chips are down, a mere mortal could think of just the right thing to do, and save those we love.  Of course, we also all want to be billionaire masters of kung fu, smarter and more charming than everyone else, but the out-thinking bit is still why the meme says "Always be Batman," and not "Always be Iron Man."

But, to return to my point - Batman is damaged goods. Batman is the real person, and Bruce Wayne is the fiction he slips into when the hood comes off. The mind of Batman is obsessed and always whirling. It is obsessed with Justice, to be sure, but it ends up being a dark and distorted justice, invariably willing to grant "second chances" when useful and convenient, but ultimately unforgiving.

In contrast, Tony Stark is a guy who puts on a suit and tries to make a difference. Stark has gone public with his identity, and evokes at least as much change in the world out of the suit as inside the suit.

So, it's actually healthier to adopt a view of "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Tony Stark. Then be Tony Stark."

But, you know, I'm a girl, so I'm going with "Be yourself. Unless you can be Pepper Potts. Then be Pepper Potts."

Via: Obvious Winner

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

99.9% certainly - so you don't know

We've all known the "so if you don't know, you don't know" guy (or woman) and wanted to punch him in the face for being such an asshole.

Unfortunately, it's part of the modern psychosis. People can't ever be wrong, and will go to such insane and irrational gyrations to somehow prove they aren't wrong, and therefore are infallible, and therefore God! or whatever they're trying to claim authority over.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cool Quotes - the Nanny State is Out to Get You

First they came for the 32 oz. sodas. And I said nothing. Then they taxed the cigarettes through the roof, and I said nothing. Now they want to take away the transfats, and when I tried to stick up for my donuts, there was no one left to speak up with me against the Nanny State Liberals. Buckle up and wear your tricycle helmet, Hillary is coming. And she's bringing her village.

JC and I agree on a lot of things, and disagree on a lot of things.  Mostly, he thinks all politicians are the same level of evil, and I think there are degrees of evil.

I think someone also pointed out that some of JC's items were laws enacted by Conservatives and not Liberals, but the point remains that these are all distractions from things that are really important, like creating jobs and repairing crumbling infrastructure.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Musical Monday - Ghostbusters (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

I think I've seen this a few times, but only just now realized it's only one guy. Holy cow the dedication and time requested to play every instrument and then cut it all together.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Depression, You Old Fraud, Fuck You

Depression, my old friend. You have come back to see me. You have come back to spend time. You snuck up on me over the summer.  I didn't recognize that was you, until this week. This week, when I decided to change everything, and my energy burst didn't last. But, then you had been exposed. Sitting on my brain, my soul, like the great ugly bear that you are.

But you see, old fiend, the energy burst was just long enough: I have a plan. I have a goal. I have an agenda. I made these before you unveiled and pounced, old vile fool.

You forced the plans. We played your game. You dragged me down, and others noticed, even if I didn't. Change is inevitable, growth optional. I choose to grow, and having made that choice, you cannot stop me.

So, I say, Depression Old Friend, fuck you. You can sap my energy, but you cannot stop my plan. You cannot undo the growth I have set in motion, because of you.

The month goes to you, but the battle is mine.

Fuck you, Old Fraud. Fuck you, with a jackhammer.