Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Feel Sex Dolls - Observations by this Woman

The level of thought put into the massive text bleed on that front page is impressive. Some makes sense, some makes me laugh, some... doesn't.

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Some of the ideas are really interesting, and I would never have thought about the actual healthy therapeutic or playful experimental uses of a "real feel" sex doll.

For example, some men (or women) who don't have a lot of opportunity to practice gentle contact with a women would practice on a substitute. Examples from this site are breast play, cunnilingus, or even just plain cuddling (humans need cuddling and physical contact, because we are pack animals, while sex is a biological instinct, but different need).

Those ideas are actually pretty cool. I could see also how a man might beneficially experiment with things like DP, different positions, etc., to become more comfortable and thus be able to enhance the experience with a live partner.

The whole "three-way without emotional attachments" is a bit weird, but I can see how that might work, too. In a certain context, that's actually healthy, also. I could see how it might let curious partners experiment while avoiding serious social complications (like finding that special Other Woman).

So, I can see how a "real feel" sex doll can have some benefits for a healthy (and kinky) mind (male or female).

Vanity Fair has a great article on the history of the Real Dolls

This is just creepy - I mean, the "anime" thing is just a kink, but some of these are under 4 ft tall, which make it essentially pedophilia

Let's recap what it says about men:
1) Men require sex;
2) Men want women to be fuck toys, instead of companions;
3) Men want child-sized fuck toys - children.

Note, this isn't all men, but we are talking $5000 instruments of ejeaculation here, and not just some Internet porn site.

No, really, the first site had a size limit of 5'4", and I thought that was weird.

But, like ALL the sites I looked at (because people fascinate me, and I had to make sure it wasn't just one set of pervs), have a size limit of 5'4". Many of them offer fuck dolls as small as 4 ft.  That's just weird, until you realize you can get a 4 ft fuck doll with a child-like face.  That's not merely creepy; it's sick.

Then imagine guys putting make-up and school girl outfits and trying to seduce their fuck dolls.

That starts to feel like Silence of the Lambs, or that film where JLo played a mind-reading therapist, because Vincent Donofrio was putting makeup on women before he murdered them.

And you can put them in bondage. One of the sites suggests this. Um, if your putting a ball gag and armbinder on a 4'6" anime-eyed fuckdoll, before you talk dirty to it, and spank it, then you need some kind of clinical help.

(1) To avoid a bad and distracting pun, I said "however," instead of "but."
(2) Similarly, I did not use the word "coming."

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