Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gun Owners: Charleston just happened - shut the fuck up for a few weeks, okay?

Nine people masacred in Charleston, SC, church.


Liked the shit out of a ton of posts on Facebook tonight.

Except the pro-gun memes. 

Clearly mentally ill, racist Christian white man commits mass murder after sitting in a worship ceremony for an hour. 

Doesn't matter what you think you're saying, the message being heard is
"Criminals deserve guns, too!" and "This wouldn't have happened if the victims had carried guns in the House of God!"

Seriously, guys, just shut the fuck up for a few weeks.  Waving your gun hard-on around today, you just look like assholes.


Reposted from G+ with permission.  Totally is the kind of thing I'd write, but my FB account got closed last year, I'd use better grammer, and I'd probably use more F-bombs :)

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