Friday, June 19, 2015

D&D 5e v 3e: Xanaphia Naile, Noble-born Rockstar

Xanaphia Naile, Bard

This is my favorite bard character from D&D Pathfinder (originally 3e, later upgraded).  I'm reading the 5e PHB and wanted to see what a conversion might look like.

It's obvious that 5e is a very different game than the earlier editions, but it looks like a really fun game to play.  (Unlike 4e, which I never liked, but did play when I couldn't find something better.)

One of the core mechanics of 3.x was that, at some point, the character graduated from "die roll + modifiers" to "modifiers + die roll."

For example, the iconic level 20 Fighter has a BAB of +20. Realistically, she probably has another +10 to +15 or more in mods between Feats, Enhanced Strength, magic weapons, and situational modifiers.  Egro, 35+1d20 for her attack roll typically means "Don't roll a 1."

Trending with 4e and galvanized in 5e is a massive reduction in modifiers and re-empowerment of the dice. Seriously, that 5e level 20 Fighter probably musters a total of +12 on the attack roll, thus making the d20 god of her fate.

I mean, it works for 5e, and the whole dis/advantage mechanic is cool.  I'm just saying the random factor has been reintroduced, and this really changes the flavor of the game.

(I have no idea who the model is, but I loved her "chain shirt")

Highlights of Pathfinder Version

Chaotic Good Half-Elf Bard 7
Charisma 18
Feats: Skill Focus (Perform), Improved Skill Focus (Perform), Natural Performer, Beautiful Voice
Skills:  Perform (sing) +24 [10 ranks]

When she performs, it's her teammates that are her backup band, and they give her a +2 Synergy bonus on checks.  With this, she can Take 10 on a Perform check, get a result of 36, which according to the Epic Level Handbook can flip a Hostile audience to Friendly.  In other words, the Legions of Hell would throw a riot unless the fallen angel noble holding her hostage sent her - and her companions - home with laurels and wreaths.  This is why those kelpies have no chance.

Highlights of 5e

Chaotic Good Half-Elf Bard 7
Charisma 18
Skills: Performance +10 (Proficiency +3)

I know, right?  Yeah, 5e is a totally different animal.  The 5e character doesn't sing as well - I mean, she's not likely to get an audience with the Celestial Throne, but she is a much better fighter.

So.  Yeah.

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