Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sanity is Circular

They say you can pass through insanity into a terrible kind of hyper-sanity.

This suggests the "sanity scale" is a circle, not a line.

That means one can walk backwards from sanity, through hyper-sanity and on into insanity.

I think this is my path. To become hyper-sane - hyper-aware, hyper-cognizant, hyper-clear thinker.

Sometimes, when I am rested, and my mind unfocused, I can see the Source Code.

This suggests I am correct, for I have never gone "insane."

But, the trap is that to continue to walk this path "backwards," perhaps I'd slip into insanity.  Then continue thru madness back to health and normalcy.  That sounds dull.

Perhaps I've already gone insane. If I walk the path backwards, but am the only one who understands this is even possible, how will anyone know when I cross the boundary?

I am not Buddha, nor Jesus; they intuitively knew how to cope with this. It is a wonder I have any sanity at all.


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