Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner - observations on why people care right now

Caitlyn Jenner is mega-news news mostly because transgender issues have been bubbling up to higher profile in the last few years.

But, the tipping point is that here was this totally minor and almost irrelevant character on the Kardashians - a show quintessentially about the pointless antics of hot women - and suddenly this pointless character is not merely - and here is the third element - the Once Upon A Time Man's Man of Men, but is now HERself a hot chick. (Which just fucks with the whole foundation of the concept of Man's Man, and Men are generally insecure to start with, so woe be their foundation growing tits on them.)

It's an intersection of real issues with splashy sensationalism at its finest.

And let's be honest - part of the "Caitlyn Jenner" show is men being squeamish and icky, and women laughing at them.

Men, as a species, are terrified of emasculation - homosexuality and castration are two of the biggest inbred fears.

I mean, seriously guys, you have a thousand jokes about beer goggles and fucking the ugly chick, so you've already set the bar low for if the tunnel is wet, and she tells you what a stud you are, why should you care if that tunnel was built from an inverted penis or a piece of intestine (in which case, it's kind of like anal sex and vaginal sex all-in-one).

So, you want to talk "feminization"?  Here's the descriptive text - Vaginoplasty (penile inversion), and here's the video. 

Suck it up boys - the truth is that trans women have more guts - if less balls - than you do!

Frankly, it's pretty fucking amazing that techniques like this exist at all.  The steps involved are incredible, and the results are equally amazing.

Women Are Disenfranchised

Frankly, yet-another-reason trans women have more balls than straight men, is that one of the many dangers of making the choice is the inherent sexism of humanity.  To say, "as a man, I am a member of a privileged class, but in order to live my life properly, I must surrender that privilege, in addition to everything else" is HUGE (and, in a lot of ways, I'd call it insane, so that more than anything convinces me how miserable trans women must be living in a male body).

Caitlyn Jenner is interesting and entertainment (I'm not yet convinced about entertaining). Transgender issues are news. Itks a natural nexus, and there you go.  Frankly, I think she looks better now than she has for years. Coming out has really done wonders for her.

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