Friday, June 12, 2015

Stochastic terrorism - even the good guys can be dragged down

So, what I'm saying - to no-one in particular - is that one of these days, an NRA-loving "sportsman" is going to wake-the-fuck-up and realize the billionaires have been playing "Fuck you, moron," with the NRA-loving sportsmen.

Some of those hunting rifles have more than enough range to evacuate a cranium, on the country club golf course, from the wild undeveloped landscape outside the shiny chain link fencing. Then we'll see a bit of turn in letting the riff-raff buy whatever-the-fuck-they-want.

Yeah, even us "good guys" can play stochastic terrorist, you fuckwads, so your own enlightened self-interest is to stop treating the riff-raff like shit, start treating us like human beings instead of disposable resources, and practice being decent human beings.

(On a tangent, this second meme will probably reappear in a "It's a Gun, Not a Condom" rant sometime in the future. I mean, seriously?  Whatever.  But, that very stupidity actually fit this rant well, since the idea of stochastic terrorism is turning someone with muddled thinking into a weapon, and the point of this rant is that someday those will muddled thinking with wake u and realize who has really been fucking with their heads.  Okay, sorry, I just explained the joke, but whatever, it's a fucked up mess.)

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