Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let us remember Semi-Gov Sarah Palin

I originally wrote this in June, 2013, but I think it remains instructive about many "politicians," and it's always good to remember what a quality person Semi-Governor Palin is, just in case she tries to get herself into the limelight again.


I do not believe that Sarah Palin will run for the Senate.

I do believe that Sarah Palin will make noises about running for the Senate and probably form an exploratory committee to raise money.

Here are my reasons:

* Sarah Palin is selfish;

* Sarah Palin likes attention;

* Sarah Palin doesn't particularly like hard work;

* Famous people can get paid a lot of money for doing almost nothing;

* Sarah Palin really likes having a national profile and getting paid lots of money simply for being Sarah Palin (a bit like being famous for being famous);

* An exploratory committee would mean people give her money, because they want to see her in the Senate (naïve as they are, she'll take their money, because she is selfish);

* An exploratory committee gets her public attention, which gets her back in the spotlight;

* Sarah Palin is good at leveraging attention into bigger attention - she can use one spotlight to get other spotlights pointed at her (e.g. invited again to speak at conventions, invited again to speak on Fox News, etc.), and all of these mean she gets paid, and gets more exposure, making her famous again for being famous (whereupon she can demand higher fees);

* Being in the Senate is a lot of hard work, even though they only show up half the year (the other half actually does require work, mostly fund-raising), and Sarah Palin doesn't particularly like hard work.

I would really like Sarah Palin to go away, and stop making the world a more stupid and selfish place.

That's what I think. Thank you for reading this far :)

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