Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 2 - Gun's can't "protect" you, so stop being stupid

Just a reminder: I'm not anti-gun; I'm anti-stupid. It's a VERY important distinction, and will prevent you from jumping to the wrong assumptions about my message.

Look, I get the point of meme.  Really, I do. The idea is that "With a Gun, you magically have the power to Fight Back and thus to magically 'protect' yourself."  For guns are magical devices, after all.  Gosh, they do make us feel strong and powerful, don't they?  Bit like Viagra-for-everyone.

Except for that little part about "How quickly can you get the gun from wherever-the-fuck-you-left-it" into your hand and pointing at whomever is attacking you.

Really.  Even if you always carry it stuffed under your armpit, that doesn't mean you'll be able to get to it before someone has punched you in the face, or hit you with a baseball bat, or stabbed you with a knife.

Guns are not shields. They are not body armor.  Guns are not magical things that magically empower you to always be safe.

For fuck's sake. I Googled "pro-gun memes" and very nearly all of them completely fail the "does that even fucking make sense?" test.  They're all very emotionally evocative and provocative, and many of them contain black-men-as-the-bad-guys (imagine that).

I'm not "anti-gun" - I'm "anti-stupid."  This poor woman in this meme won't "protect" herself from violent attack - her only option - the only option provided by guns - is to counter-offensive.  That means she might chase her attacker away, or she might kill her attacker (woo-hoo! now you're a murderer, even if you don't go to jail), or she might just piss her attacker off more and turn what might have been a beating into her being killed. (Especially if this is a domestic violence situation, which I'm sure this meme is supposed to invoke, and if she's in that situation in the first place, chances are she's too emotionally muddled to point the gun, and then leave, and never return. Hello, reality calling!).

Yes, I'm all for empowering people to be able to fight back.  But, damnit, let's at least have a reasonable and intelligent conversation about guns - and handguns are devices meant only-for-killing-humans - and make some decent choices about the real world, and not some fantasy "let's all be afraid, because fear leads to stupid decisions, and guns-have-magical-powers" world.


Oh, and finally, just in case you think I'm being unfair about comparing guns to magical powers, here is another pro-gun meme for you to consider - here is Harry Potter mispronouncing the unstoppable Killer Curse. See, the magical message is that guns can't be stopped. Oh, but wait, doesn't that conflict with the original meme, above, which is supposed to suggest that guns are  magical shields, even from guns...  See, that makes this one funny in three ways: 1) guns are magical and unstoppable, 2) it totally contradicts the "guns as protection" premise used to sell guns, and 3) it's totally fucking spelled wrong. (OMG, people, take a frickin' moment to spellcheck before trying to act smarmy).


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anti-Abortion: Epic Fail - Fix the problem instead, and then you'll accomplish something

“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.
Abortion is a crap solution to a shit problem. What are we going to do about the problem?

So, let's look at some other models in which we attacked the crap solution instead of dealing with the shit problem.

"Let's make alcohol illegal, because that will stop people from drinking it."
  • FAIL
"Let's make consensual sex for money illegal, because that will stop the sex trade."
  • FAIL
"Let's make drugs illegal, because that will stop people wanting them!"
"Let's make the artificial termination of pregnancy illegal, because that will make every pregnancy magically wonderful."
  • FAIL - "But we haven't tried it..." Oh, yeah, yeah we really did. Remember it was already illegal until the 1970s, so we know - since the dawn of time - that it already failed.

“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.
Seriously, we don't even have to try this stupid experiment again to know it will fail. Women died before Roe v. Wade. In countries without safe, legal abortion women today die all the time due to medical complications from pregnancy that could be avoided. In this country women are being forced to carry non-viable fetuses to term. We already know the anti-abortionists are going to be committing actuarial murder, because women will go back to dying.

Fix The Problem

Now, you're smart and passionate, and we're all capable of having reasonable conversation. We all want to fix the problem of Unwanted Pregnancies. Focus you're passion on solving THAT problem, and 1) abortion will simply Go Away, 2) you will actually have succeeded in making the world a better place (which anti-abortion won't do - see above).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The "Injustice" of Traffic Cameras

I find it really tedious and hypocritical and arrogant when people bitch about getting busted by traffic cameras, especially at 'stop' signs. The problem of underfunded municipalities because of tax cuts for the rich aside, there's a simple moral hypocrisy problem with the attitude.

I will illustrate in that classical Socratic way (or was it Aristotle? Let me check my notes...)

 "Let me get this right. You're righteously upset because a camera busted you for doing a 'California stop' thru a stop sign?"

"Hell, yeah! There wasn't anyone around. It's not right. If there ain't a cop to catch you, then it's unfair and unjust to use a camera."

 "So, it's okay to roll through if no one catches you?"

"Right; I was in a hurry."

 "So, it's okay to break the law, when you're in a hurry, just as long as no one catches you? You're mad because someone is holding you accountable when you broke the law?"

"It's like an unwritten rule. Cops are only allowed to bust you if they catch you."

"So, that's what you teach your kids? It's only wrong to break your rules and disobey your instructions if you catch them? So you teach your kids that breaking the rules - breaking the law - is only wrong if they actually get caught?"

"Well! Uh, that's..."

"Get the fuck out of my face."

An Expression of Genuine Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

(Hang in there - the soppy bits are at the end :)

I am grateful that I have people who love me.

I am grateful that I have had opportunities - and been able to capitalize on them through hard work - to get a great education and good income.

I am grateful that I have had an amazing life, and done some really amazing things.

I am grateful that my words - rantings, ravings, prognostication, or just wisdom - reach an audience who can enjoy and appreciate and take meaning from my expressions.

I am grateful to have found a person with whom to share my life, and I look forward to spending time with him every day.

Until a little over a week ago, I knew an amazing woman. Lots of energy, very self-assured, a school teacher who shaped lives and thus made the world a better place. Her memorial service was last week. There were nearly NINE HUNDRED people there. She was 37; it was cancer.

I am grateful to wake up every morning; I can work with that.

In high school, I knew a woman who had been born with a hole in her spine. She would never know the sensation of running. She would never know the feeling of making fists with her toes in the sand. She would never walk her crying baby to sleep. As far as I know, she is still alive.

I am grateful all my limbs work; I can work with that.

During the four years I was an undergraduate, I helped bury three different friends, at three different times, due to three different events.

I will never resent growing old. Too many people never get to do that.

On this day "of thanksgiving," I think about a lot of things, some of them cynical (it's what I am), but I also look forward to seeing friends and family, and reminding myself what is really important.

Whatever else you do today, find a friend or relative and say "I care about you. I wanted you to know, just in case tomorrow never comes."

And you, dear reader - I care about you. I care that you breathe, and I wish for you great joy in life. I thank you for reading this, for it means you have shared your time - a slice of your life - with me. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Theological Thursday: A Cynical Look at the History of Thanksgiving Day


That day that we here, in the USofA give thanks (i.e. praise) unto God that the red skins saved the red necks from their own hubris and ignorance, thus allowing the red necks to survive those first critical years here on this land mass. 

In later years, the red necks - never really having overcome their hubris and ignorance - would repay the kindness and coutesy shown by the red skins by driving them from their homes, raping their women, and committing genocide by proxy of plague and undercutting their food chain.

Well! Thank you, God!

Bloody Hell, makes you wonder how history would have turned out if the locals had just let those invaders die of privation, starvation, and exposure, right?

Actually, some day the human race will grow out of the infantile selfish stage and then we'll really get on with things. I like to believe in reincarnation, because I'd kinda like to see that grown-up phase.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Abortion (Y/N?) is not a valid question, you asshole

Let's get one thing out of the way: NO ONE is "pro-abortion." That's a fantasy bogeyman invented by - and clung to - by foolish people who want to feel righteous about their own stupid and unreasonable position by trying to villainize their opponents - and thus seize the moral high ground - rather than have meaningful conversations. If you feel a need to decry me as "pro-abortion" then chances are you're a hopeless tit who won't bother to keep reading, despite the fact you are the audience who most needs to be shaken from comlacy into a serious conversation.


“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.

Abortion is a crap solution to a shit problem. What are we going to do about the problem?

What shit problem? Unwanted pregnancy. What are we going to do about unwanted pregnancy?

What unwanted pregnancy? Loaded question, but let’s choose the really dirty ones:
  • Incest - daddy on daughter, uncle on niece, brother on sister, cousin on cousin
  • Rape - this one is self-explanatory, but see also “incest” above and think about how many women you know who were sexually molested by relatives (you would be surprised at how many you already know).
  • Medical danger to mother - I laud the courage of the woman who chose to give birth and die rather than terminate the pregnancy, receive a life-saving transplant, and live to mother other children. How does her husband feel? How does her child feel?? Did she have other children? What if she did? “I really want to love my kid brother, but he killed mom.”

So, kiss my butt.

What are you going to do about this problem?

Seriously I need a self-righteous anti-abortion man to tell me what his wife, and mother of his children, replies to this:

“Honey, I'm really sorry you were raped. I cannot hope to understand what a violation of your body and soul it was. But you know we believe abortion is wrong, so I will support you every step of the way through the pregnancy that will remind you every day that you were raped and violated and your attacker [if captured and prosecuted] only has to go to jail and will never provide any financial support while we incur the medical bills for his child and any lost income from you're having to take time off work. We'll think of a good lie to tell the children about why we give the baby up for adoption. I promise never to even wonder for a moment as you waddle around depressed and feeling violated how you could possibly ever have been so stupid to let yourself get raped and ruin my life with this bastard's vile child. I know this child will be of your flesh, but not mine. I will understand therefore if you choose to keep the child and I will raise it as mine because I am supporting you as the unplanned human incubator to this unwanted and unwelcome parasite invasion into your body.”

Well? What did she say?

Life is not black and white, it's shades of gray. Very rarely is "Y/N?" a valid question, let alone a valid answer.


Monday, November 24, 2014

It's a GUN, Not a Condom 1 - it can't "protect" you from anything

I always want to laugh when people say "I want a gun for protection," or "to protect my family."

It's not a condom, people. It's not a shield. It's not armor plating. It's only function is to propel small objects at extremely high speeds with the intention of causing the death of something on the other end.

If someone swings a baseball bat at you, maybe you can use the gun to block the bat, at which point it qualifies as "protection."

I saw a superbowl commercial that was banned and so only online. The buildup was a guy driving home to his house, with the voiceover talking about "guarding his family," and "keeping them safe," all while he was not in the house.

So the buildup is to something like ADT home monitoring, which alarms if someone breaks a window, and sends police or paramedics to the panic button. "Protection," right?

The punchline was the advert was for an assault rifle. Yeah, that will "protect" when dudebro is at work, or if mom slips and bangs her head and Little Billy tries to press the "summon help" button on the assuault rifle. So many reasons that one was banned from television, including just being stupid. (As an aside, I love how the military vet who wrote the piece also tears the commercial to shit for being a cheap way to get attention for a shitty gun. Ha!)

A gun meant to kill people. It won't "protect" you; it will just give you the chance to counter-offensive and maybe take the other guy out first. Congrats, you're now up for murder investigation - yeah, George Zimmerman isn't in jail, but you bet your ass his life is over.

I'm not anti-gun; I'm anti-stupid. I just want anyone who wants to own a gun to be realistic and honest about what the thing is, what it means to own one, and why they really want it.  

So, next time you hear someone talking about a gun as "protection," just remind them "It's a gun, not a condom."

Sunday, November 23, 2014

So you're gay: I still don't care

If someone says to you "I'm gay (or lesbian)," or "I'm bi-sexual," is it rude to say "I don't care"?

My initial impulse was "No," but context is everything.

When I say "I don't care," I mean it in a neutral voice. I just don't care. 

If you're a woman and trying to hit on me, I'm very flattered, but you're barking up the wrong tree, and we only have a problem if you push it. However, in that case - same as if you were some man who might think he's God's gift to women - the problem isn't your sexuality, it's your aggressiveness. (Unless you're also Angelina Jolie hitting on me - everybody gets a pass if it's Angelina Jolie.)

However, there is a contextual element to be considered: for many people who are gay or bi-sexual, the realization and public admission is very threatening, and the act of saying something can make the person both emotionally and physically vulnerable. (It's a sad commentary on human nature that it makes them physically vulnerable, but that's a different rant.)

So, maybe I should say: "Thank you for sharing that with me, I'm sure it has added some real challenge to your life that straight people don't suffer (and no one should have too), and I empathize with that, but otherwise I just don't care."

I don't care. The only impact it has on my life is because a bunch of twisted-up titwits use it as an excuse to discriminate against others, and a bunch of fuckwits use that discrimination as a launch platform for all manner of power-grabbing political shenanigans. Click on the "class warfare" and "gay marriage" labels below to see how much these shenanigans piss me off.

So, I guess the morale of this tale is that rudeness is context sensitive. Even the kindest-sounding sentence can be the height of rudeness when delivered with a scornful tone, or at totally the wrong time. So, as always, think before you speak, and only be rude by deliberate intention, and not by careless accident.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anti-Troll: Avoid Pointless Fights With Friends

Sometimes the best way to disapprove of something, especially in social media, is simply to ignore it.

Doing so - in social media - avoids promotion, because touch it and the algorithms then promote it.

Ignoring it can also avoid pointless arguments, that help no one, and can merely damage your relationship with the other person. On social media, there is a good chance you have a lot of people you care about whom you will never meet in person, so pick your fights with a bit of care and wisdom, just as you would in real life.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Theological Thursday: Creationists spit in God's eye and tell themselves they done good

Creationists spit in God's eye and shout "That's not what you did, God! I will tell you what you did, because it says what you did right here!"

Jack Butler eloquently explains that Evolution is not a Religion.

Similarly, the straw-man counterpart to Evolution, Creationism, is not about Religion, nor even God, at all.

Let me say that again, with emphasis: 

Creationism is not about God, at all.

Creationism is a lie invented by men (not even women, but men, and sadly this has been proven, so don't even start with me). It is about dogmatic thinking. It is about proper behavior and proper thought. It is about control. Control is power, power is privilege.

Imagine if a Muslim or Hinduist came to you and said "Everything you think you know about living creatures is wrong, and I have pamphlets, books, and videos to show you, and nevermind that it's completely full of holes and defies the one model on the subject that actually does explain shit."

Yeah, you'd tell those religious nutjobs to fuck off.

Wake up, Creationists,  you're being played for suckers by people who are out to jerk around your emotions, yank your insecurities, and twist your hearts, until you surrender everything to them, because they've got you so muddled and confused you not only stop thinking straight, you stop thinking at all, and simply become mindless slaves to the dogmatic authority.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Military-Grade Civilian Meatshields When The Second Revolution Starts

NO! Military-grade hardware (e.g. machineguns) does NOT belong in the hands of civilians, nor civil servants (e.g. police). So, YES, I categorically oppose legislation to legalize civilian machineguns.

Goddamnit, if you're too damn stupid to make a plan to use your handgun and hunting rifle to immediately obtain military-grade hardware when you start your revolution, then you're too damn stupid to be starting a revolution!

(And if I catch you trying to join my revolution, I'm putting your dumb ass out front, meat shield.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

13 "Responsible" Gun Owners Commited Murder Today

I saw a bumper sticker (yeah, it was a pickup truck) that read "64,999,987 gun owners did not kill anyone today."

Well, on the surface, that's an impressive number of people failing to kill anyone.

However, I've got a brain, and I bloody well know how to use it. That means I read "13 gun owners murdered someone today." (Because the only reason to put out a number 13 less than 65m, is because your root number is 65m.)

Really? That's what you want to advertise? "Gun owners murder people." That's brilliant! (Note the implicit "Responsible people commit murder, because we don't count those irresponsible criminal types as 'real' gun owners.")

Well, here's another one to put on your truck, moron: "I'm a callous bastard, and I don't care that 13 people died TODAY - EVERY DAY - just as long as I get to keep MY bang-bang stick."

I hope your bang-bang stick gives you a daily orgasm, because if we assume that those thirteen murderous gun owners each killed ONLY one person, that means 13 people not going home that night.

It means 13 mothers, fathers, spouses or children wondering - forever - why their loved one didn't come home.

It means 13 people who no longer contribute to the economic health of our nation.

It also means 13 gun owners wasting your money and mine forcing the police to do an investigation, possibly the district attorney to do a prosecution, and possibly a shitload of time in jail - on the public dollar (meaning your money and mine, because I would be unsurprised if the head of the NRA has enough tax deductions to pay less than you and I - remember that Mitt Romney could have paid ZERO taxes on $42m income for the ONE and only tax return he made public).

Can I get 64,999,987 gun owners to pull their collective heads out of their collective butts and have a reasonable discussion about how to stop murderers and insane people from becoming gun owners?

(And don't give me that self-righteous "Well, I own a gun, and I support gun control," because you own a gun, which means the aforementioned moron has dragged your head up his butt, so - to repeat myself - pull your collective heads out of your collective butts.)

(And don't give me any self-righteous bullcrap about how I want to take your guns away, because unless you're a psychotic dick, I don't care about your gun, and a huge percentage of those 65m gun owners happen to be liberals and conservatives who want to have a reasonable conversation and are sick as crap of hearing the dumbass "you can pry my gun from my cold dead fingers," because if you're that much of an ass, then maybe that's the best use for you.)

Clean up your own damn house, people, and you won't have to deal with outsiders having to clean up after you.

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's a tiny world - get over it

Amaranthe is a Swedish band, singing in English, performing in what looks like Japan or Korea.

Oh, and they make seriously awesome music! 

It's a tiny fucking planet - get over it.  Better yet, pick any language other than English and master it, in addition to English.  It will save your butt later.

Amaranthe video - "1,000,000 light years"

A video about Globalization and how monolingual types are totally screwed

Friday, November 14, 2014

Perspective: $1500/hour to Watch Porn? Tax The Fuck Out Of Him ThankYouVeryMuch

So I get in the car to drive home at the end of a long day, and it's on KOMO radio, because I listened to the weather report this morning.

This Neo-Feudalist Programmer Of Peasant Brains and his sidekick spent several breathes telling us about some baseball player who signed a $155 MILLION contract and that - unlike football - the contract said he got paid even if he broke all his limbs the next day and never actually *played* baseball or did anything to "earn" his $155 MILLION.

Wow. Talk about $weet deal$.

So, after that preamble, this jackass launches into how "outrageous" it is that the horrible GOVERNMENT (you know, that "of the people, by the people, for the people" horrible government) is going to take $85M in taxes, so he "only" gets $68M.

And then I turned off the noise when he started into some terrible breakdown of how this $85M is being sucked away by the Evil Oppressor.

Okay, here we go.

1) he takes home $68M for playing BASEBALL. That's only about $13.6M per year of his contract. That's only about 200 TIMES my household income, and we have two wage earners doing pretty well. Kiss-my-fucking-ass Mr Baseball;

2) Walk six blocks in every direction from where you live. Yeah, that six block radius from your house, in the average residential area, all those houses - and family wage-earners busting their butts! - put together *might* take home about as much as this guy, assuming you live in a densely populated area, or an affluent neighborhood, or both. Kiss-my-fucking-ass Mr Baseball;

3) This guy takes home about $1500/HOUR, every hour, 24/7/365. Take home; after taxes. I'd like to have someone pay me $1500/hour being home sick on the couch, or sleeping, or sitting on the toilet, or yeah, he could watch porn in the Internet and ... take home (remember this is after those horrrible socialist taxes) $25/MINUTE while doing it; use your imagination ("50 bucks to go pee standing up? Good deal!"). If I took home $1500/hour 24/7/365, I could quit working after January 2nd and my entire expenses for the year are covered. If this "poor, abused" baseball player can't make a fucking awesome lifestyle for himself, then he can kiss-my-fucking-ass;

4) This all assumes this ball player is too damn stupid to invest his money in tax shelters. Ask Mitt Romney - for the ONE tax return Romney made public, he could have paid ZERO taxes on $42M personal income. Fuck, I can't dodge taxes on 1/600th of that;

5) "68 + 85" does not equal "155," you radiohead elitist-lapdog moron, go program someone really stupid, get off my radio, and kiss-my-fucking-ass.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Theological Thursday: Anti-Muslim, Anti-Christian, or just Bail Out While We Still Can?

This is a story about a school district that pulled references from Christian and Jewish holidays from the school calendar rather than add Muslim holidays to the school calendar.

Now, keep in mind that the Christian and Jewish holidays fall on days where school will still be canceled, for "non-religious reasons."

So, is this school board action Anti-Muslim, because school district officials decided to not add a day off for a Muslim holiday?

Is this Anti-Christian because references to the Christian (and Jewish) holidays have been removed (but the traditional time off has not)?

Or is this just a bunch of normal people [holding political office] saying "Oh, shit, no matter what we do, we're screwed in the self-righteous eyes of public opinion - since someone is going to call 'religious insult' - so let's come up with the answer that we at least can't get sued over - that is, yank all references to the religious holidays from the calendar, but change nothing else."

Yeah, I'm betting:

1) At the end of the day, it was "Oh, shit, how do we avoid getting sued," and

2) Every religious person with a political bone to pick is up in arms (Muslim, Christian or Jewish - although historically the Jewish people just roll with shit like this instead of getting excited, so who knows), because these people just live to wind themselves up as "the victim.";

3) The Satanists are saying "Curses! Foiled again!"

You know I'm right about the Satanists. They, at least, have a sense of humor.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One more political snipe about how our veterans are disrespected on Veterans Day

This one was just too good to pass up.  Yeah, I do talk about the corportist/fascists on the right wing, but I've never made the lunatic (or corportist disinformation media agenda) comparison of any of them to Hitler, and at least my claims have some demonstrative validity instead of only strained-fantasy-at-best connectivity.

I see two points to this meme. The first being that there are a shitload of political hacks on the side of the greedElitist Opportunistic Pigs who compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler for the simple reason that they can, and they are attempting to demonize this Democratic President for no other reason than to demonize this Democratic President.

In other words, the right-wing media hacks, and their GOP lapdogs, are being dicks by trying to make trouble simply because trouble allows them to worm their way deeper into the machinery where they can then pry things loose for their own advantage, and screw the rest of America.

Now, this situation of trumped-up disingenuous bullshit shits on the real American veterans who fought and bled to defeat the real monster known as Hitler, instead of the bogeyman invented by the corportist/fascists and their media machine, who have far more in common with Hitler than President Obama does.

And let's be clear: during my lifetime, America HAS been dragged along the path to fascism - that part is real. But, the lie by the greedElitist Opportunistic Pig talking heads is about who has done this dragging. The dragging toward fascism - a proven right-wing philosophy of control and discrimination - has been lead by the Republicans and not anyone else. ALL credible authorities demonstrate this.

So, it irks me to hear Republicans drag veterans out and wave them around like a banner (like the old heads on a pike), and wrap themselves in the flag, when it's these bastards who steal money from our veterans and funnel it back to their corportist masters.

So, yeah, hearing Beck, Limbaugh or O'Reilly compare President Obama to Hitler is shitting - again - on the veterans and heroes and Real Patriots who wore the uniform. (A uniform that Beck, Limbaugh and O'Reilly never, ever, wore, so yet another reason they're just sacks of shit.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slipperyslope: "Raped American Soldier - Birth Our Enemy's Baby"

I originally wrote this in June, 2012, and posted it to my now-inaccessible FB page.
Since today is Veterans' Day, it seems an appropriate time to raise a voice in stance with the women in uniform.

House Leader Boehner says "no abortions for raped military servicewomen" [I can't find the original quote right now, but this link supports my summation.]

While I respect his unrelenting continuity, I am disgusted by his disrespect for the Great Patriots who enter military service.

Follow me down the slippery slope of "no abortion, ever."

The argument begins "Well, women in combat situations can get raped and thus get pregnant. To prevent these pregnancies, we must disallow women from combat situations."

"Military women in non-combat situations in foreign countries can be targeted for rape by the enemy, therefore to prevent these pregnancies, we must not let women serve in foreign countries."

"Women in the military are at risk of being raped by their fellow male soldiers. Therefore, to prevent these pregnancies, we must not let women into the military."

And we've just unraveled 30 years of advancement in civil advancement and use of the common human brain. And don't even start with "you're slippery slope is unreasonable," because my slippery slope is frighteningly more reasonable than "if insurance pays for birth control, then all women will become as slutty and promiscuous as men really are."

So, what about free birth control implants or pills for all women in military service to prevent pregnancy by rape?

"Oh, no, you can't have that. A woman on birth control becomes a slut and then we have nothing but sex in the military all the time." You know someone already thinks it and has probably already said it. Doesn't matter how stupid it is, someone will say it. Then we're back to having to kick all women out of the military again, because no abortion is ever okay, and those healthy fertile sluts getting themselves raped by flaunting their American thongs at those Muslim terrorists are sure to get themselves knocked up.

Slippery slope indeed. How far have we already slid and not noticed yet?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Make yourself a second-class citizen, you stupid cow, but leave MY daughter alone!

What truly baffles me about Neo-Feudalist women like Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin - who actively sponsor, support, and drive forward the agenda of War on Women, such as anti-abortion, anti-healthcare, and "abstinence only" - they drive it forward with the goal of enriching themselves in the two tiered society of the Privileged and the riff-raff created by disempowering women and boosting economic hardship for the not-rich - is they forget the critical point that THEY ARE WOMEN.

You bet your ass the men around them never forget that, and some day, as women's' rights are eroded, these rich women will wake up and discover they may be rich - but they are now second-class citizens and pampered pets, with no rights, because they helped strip those protections from themselves and their daughters.

I mean, talk about naive! No, talk about self-blinding embrace of ignorance in the satiation of greed and self-indulgence.

Idiots. Not just idiots. Fucking selfish, stupid whore idiots that make my life harder and endanger my body, and the bodies and lives of any daughters or granddaughters I may spawn. It baffles me how anyone can be that stupid.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Google - oh, the irony of blocking itself (just some light humor)

Got prompted to replace Google Talk on my Windows PC with Google Hangouts. Google Talk even gave me a handy URL.

The URL was blocked for violating the Google Terms of Service.

Oh, the irony.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There ain't enough wine to drown this despair...

I have glanced at the election results, and I weep with despair at the sheer selfish embrace of ignorance and stupidity of humanity. (The vomiting comes later, unless I can get enough wine to succumb to oblivion instead.)

"People cling to their ignorance, probably because it smells so familiar." - Moist Von Lipwig, "Going Postal" (Terry Pratchett)

Millions of Americans say "Yes, My Neo-Feudalist Master, fuck me hard and treat me like dirt!"

..and I do NOT mean that in any kind of sexual way. Just need to make that clear, since you're all a bunch of perverts, anyway.


I don't need to see the final poll results to know millions of Americans are calling upon the corportist neo-feudalists and saying "Yes, please, fuck me, shit on me, grind me into the dirt! Take away my rights! Take away my money! Take away my healthcare and my schools and my safety! Take away my future! Yes, masters, we yield ourselves up to you! Spit on us again, masters,  for you tell us we love it, therefore we do love it!"

Yep, millions of Americans voted for the greedElitist Opportunistic Pigs, largely because the greeElitist Opportunistic Pigs told them to.

End of Message.

Edit  The biggest problem I have with these Americans chanting "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" is that they drag the rest of us down with them. They drag the rest of us into their Hellpit of "Take away my rights! Take away my money! Take away my future!"  Selfish, goddamn fucking stupid, idiots and assholes get me buttraped right along with them; you can imagine why I'm so pissed at them.


Monday, November 3, 2014

North Carolina voters report voting machines switching their votes to GOP candidate

Hey, check this out - some websites can link directly to Blogger.

Okay, here's the deal. These "electronic voting machines" are manufactured under contract by private corporations. These corporations are almost (if not definitely) universally owned by rich white men who donate shitloads to Republican candidates for the express purpose of getting neo-feudalist - i.e. "rich man privileged caste" - legislation rammed through.

This kind of legislation has the function to fuck the poor and middle class in order to create a privileged, law-unto-themselves, class of the ultra-rich (the merely "super-rich" being allowed to exist as a meat shield between the ultra-rich and the peasantry, as long as all these lesser people behave themselves, other super-rich who get airs of being ultra-rich get destroyed and cast to the mud, and you bet your ass the billionaires have the resources to destroy anyone not a billionaire).

It's class warfare, bitches.

We've known these voting machines are rigged since they were first introduced. We know that Karl Rove and his corportists buddies fucked with the electronic numbers in 2004 and tried to do it again in 2012. We know this shit, and yet somehow no meaningful investigations - let alone criminal indictments - occur. Oh, wait, that's because bought politicians block them.

Never trust a machine with no paper trail. Always check the paper receipt. Demand that the paper receipts be reviewed at the end to confirm they match the electronic numbers. Demand the electronic numbers match the exit polls.

Despite the slanderous bullshit claimed by Rove and his fascist buddies in 2008, the exit polls are accurate. Hell, the US Goverment supported a rebelllion in some Eastern European country just a few years before 2008, because the election results didn't match the exit polls, and it was proven the exit polls were right and the incumbent had tried to fake the election results.

Demand there be an investigation of any mismatch between election results and the exit polls.

Edit: Well, bloody boogers to Hell. Turns out everything I was taught about exit polls may be wrong.

Demand a recall of any politician that tries to shutdown the investigation, or otherwise retroactively make legal what had been illegal (we've seen the neo-feudalists pull this trick before to break the legal machinery that would undo their theft).

Most importantly, vote as if your life depends on it,  because it does. Yeah, this year the shit has hit the fan so hard, we're all covered in shit, no matter what.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Can't vote? Blame a Republican

If you live in the United States, vote by Tuesday as if your life depends on it, because it quite literally might.

The Republican party has become a mouthpiece and lapdog to the neo-feudalists like Mitt Romney or the Koch Bothers. These are people who care nothing for human rights, they care nothing for civil rights, they care nothing for anyone not themselves. The will crush anyone who stands in their way of living whatever lavish, hedonistic, privileged lifestyle they consider they deserve.

To that extent, the GOP have slashed taxes on the rich, slashed taxes for corporations, slashed taxes on Wall Street trust funds and inheritance, slashed taxes on property (if you own a house, you pay very little, if you own office buildings or apartment buildings, you pay big numbers on your cash-cows, so cutting property taxes helps the rich, not the middle class).

In order to create the tiered system of privilege, the GOP have broken unions, skewed the legal system against the poor - the "war on drugs and "you don't need medical care" and "let's privitize the fire department" and "let's militarize the cops" ALL hurt the poor without hurting the rich - and generally taken a "fuck you, I got mine" approach to legizlative and judicial activism that hurts the poor and middle class.

The spate of anti-women and voter suppression legislation also demonstrates this restructuring of America into a two-tiered system of the privileged and the mud beneath the feet of the privileged.

So, get your ass out and vote. And remember: if you got unregistered while you weren't looking, or your polling place is closed, or you have no early voting, or you have no vote-by_mail, or you have to show photo ID that you may not have, then thank a Republican for fucking you over.