Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anti-Abortion: Epic Fail - Fix the problem instead, and then you'll accomplish something

“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.
Abortion is a crap solution to a shit problem. What are we going to do about the problem?

So, let's look at some other models in which we attacked the crap solution instead of dealing with the shit problem.

"Let's make alcohol illegal, because that will stop people from drinking it."
  • FAIL
"Let's make consensual sex for money illegal, because that will stop the sex trade."
  • FAIL
"Let's make drugs illegal, because that will stop people wanting them!"
"Let's make the artificial termination of pregnancy illegal, because that will make every pregnancy magically wonderful."
  • FAIL - "But we haven't tried it..." Oh, yeah, yeah we really did. Remember it was already illegal until the 1970s, so we know - since the dawn of time - that it already failed.

“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.
Seriously, we don't even have to try this stupid experiment again to know it will fail. Women died before Roe v. Wade. In countries without safe, legal abortion women today die all the time due to medical complications from pregnancy that could be avoided. In this country women are being forced to carry non-viable fetuses to term. We already know the anti-abortionists are going to be committing actuarial murder, because women will go back to dying.

Fix The Problem

Now, you're smart and passionate, and we're all capable of having reasonable conversation. We all want to fix the problem of Unwanted Pregnancies. Focus you're passion on solving THAT problem, and 1) abortion will simply Go Away, 2) you will actually have succeeded in making the world a better place (which anti-abortion won't do - see above).

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