Monday, November 3, 2014

North Carolina voters report voting machines switching their votes to GOP candidate

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Okay, here's the deal. These "electronic voting machines" are manufactured under contract by private corporations. These corporations are almost (if not definitely) universally owned by rich white men who donate shitloads to Republican candidates for the express purpose of getting neo-feudalist - i.e. "rich man privileged caste" - legislation rammed through.

This kind of legislation has the function to fuck the poor and middle class in order to create a privileged, law-unto-themselves, class of the ultra-rich (the merely "super-rich" being allowed to exist as a meat shield between the ultra-rich and the peasantry, as long as all these lesser people behave themselves, other super-rich who get airs of being ultra-rich get destroyed and cast to the mud, and you bet your ass the billionaires have the resources to destroy anyone not a billionaire).

It's class warfare, bitches.

We've known these voting machines are rigged since they were first introduced. We know that Karl Rove and his corportists buddies fucked with the electronic numbers in 2004 and tried to do it again in 2012. We know this shit, and yet somehow no meaningful investigations - let alone criminal indictments - occur. Oh, wait, that's because bought politicians block them.

Never trust a machine with no paper trail. Always check the paper receipt. Demand that the paper receipts be reviewed at the end to confirm they match the electronic numbers. Demand the electronic numbers match the exit polls.

Despite the slanderous bullshit claimed by Rove and his fascist buddies in 2008, the exit polls are accurate. Hell, the US Goverment supported a rebelllion in some Eastern European country just a few years before 2008, because the election results didn't match the exit polls, and it was proven the exit polls were right and the incumbent had tried to fake the election results.

Demand there be an investigation of any mismatch between election results and the exit polls.

Edit: Well, bloody boogers to Hell. Turns out everything I was taught about exit polls may be wrong.

Demand a recall of any politician that tries to shutdown the investigation, or otherwise retroactively make legal what had been illegal (we've seen the neo-feudalists pull this trick before to break the legal machinery that would undo their theft).

Most importantly, vote as if your life depends on it,  because it does. Yeah, this year the shit has hit the fan so hard, we're all covered in shit, no matter what.

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