Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slipperyslope: "Raped American Soldier - Birth Our Enemy's Baby"

I originally wrote this in June, 2012, and posted it to my now-inaccessible FB page.
Since today is Veterans' Day, it seems an appropriate time to raise a voice in stance with the women in uniform.

House Leader Boehner says "no abortions for raped military servicewomen" [I can't find the original quote right now, but this link supports my summation.]

While I respect his unrelenting continuity, I am disgusted by his disrespect for the Great Patriots who enter military service.

Follow me down the slippery slope of "no abortion, ever."

The argument begins "Well, women in combat situations can get raped and thus get pregnant. To prevent these pregnancies, we must disallow women from combat situations."

"Military women in non-combat situations in foreign countries can be targeted for rape by the enemy, therefore to prevent these pregnancies, we must not let women serve in foreign countries."

"Women in the military are at risk of being raped by their fellow male soldiers. Therefore, to prevent these pregnancies, we must not let women into the military."

And we've just unraveled 30 years of advancement in civil advancement and use of the common human brain. And don't even start with "you're slippery slope is unreasonable," because my slippery slope is frighteningly more reasonable than "if insurance pays for birth control, then all women will become as slutty and promiscuous as men really are."

So, what about free birth control implants or pills for all women in military service to prevent pregnancy by rape?

"Oh, no, you can't have that. A woman on birth control becomes a slut and then we have nothing but sex in the military all the time." You know someone already thinks it and has probably already said it. Doesn't matter how stupid it is, someone will say it. Then we're back to having to kick all women out of the military again, because no abortion is ever okay, and those healthy fertile sluts getting themselves raped by flaunting their American thongs at those Muslim terrorists are sure to get themselves knocked up.

Slippery slope indeed. How far have we already slid and not noticed yet?

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