Thursday, November 27, 2014

Theological Thursday: A Cynical Look at the History of Thanksgiving Day


That day that we here, in the USofA give thanks (i.e. praise) unto God that the red skins saved the red necks from their own hubris and ignorance, thus allowing the red necks to survive those first critical years here on this land mass. 

In later years, the red necks - never really having overcome their hubris and ignorance - would repay the kindness and coutesy shown by the red skins by driving them from their homes, raping their women, and committing genocide by proxy of plague and undercutting their food chain.

Well! Thank you, God!

Bloody Hell, makes you wonder how history would have turned out if the locals had just let those invaders die of privation, starvation, and exposure, right?

Actually, some day the human race will grow out of the infantile selfish stage and then we'll really get on with things. I like to believe in reincarnation, because I'd kinda like to see that grown-up phase.

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