Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One more political snipe about how our veterans are disrespected on Veterans Day

This one was just too good to pass up.  Yeah, I do talk about the corportist/fascists on the right wing, but I've never made the lunatic (or corportist disinformation media agenda) comparison of any of them to Hitler, and at least my claims have some demonstrative validity instead of only strained-fantasy-at-best connectivity.

I see two points to this meme. The first being that there are a shitload of political hacks on the side of the greedElitist Opportunistic Pigs who compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler for the simple reason that they can, and they are attempting to demonize this Democratic President for no other reason than to demonize this Democratic President.

In other words, the right-wing media hacks, and their GOP lapdogs, are being dicks by trying to make trouble simply because trouble allows them to worm their way deeper into the machinery where they can then pry things loose for their own advantage, and screw the rest of America.

Now, this situation of trumped-up disingenuous bullshit shits on the real American veterans who fought and bled to defeat the real monster known as Hitler, instead of the bogeyman invented by the corportist/fascists and their media machine, who have far more in common with Hitler than President Obama does.

And let's be clear: during my lifetime, America HAS been dragged along the path to fascism - that part is real. But, the lie by the greedElitist Opportunistic Pig talking heads is about who has done this dragging. The dragging toward fascism - a proven right-wing philosophy of control and discrimination - has been lead by the Republicans and not anyone else. ALL credible authorities demonstrate this.

So, it irks me to hear Republicans drag veterans out and wave them around like a banner (like the old heads on a pike), and wrap themselves in the flag, when it's these bastards who steal money from our veterans and funnel it back to their corportist masters.

So, yeah, hearing Beck, Limbaugh or O'Reilly compare President Obama to Hitler is shitting - again - on the veterans and heroes and Real Patriots who wore the uniform. (A uniform that Beck, Limbaugh and O'Reilly never, ever, wore, so yet another reason they're just sacks of shit.)

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